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Shortfall in your order

I frustratingly had an order delivered to my parents house as opposed to be being placed into reserves. Not ideal


Nightmare. That would be the total opposite of safely in reserves for me.

“That was a lovely little box of Hermitage, so good I had all six bottles on consecutive nights; cheers”


3 bottles of limited edition whisky…

I’m temporarily living overseas at the moment…

sub… optimal.

I just know it’s going to get given to “Connie up the road” for her 90th or used in Irish coffee or something like that!


The season of goodwill is nearly upon us….lucky Connie!

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I had the same error, the Pataille for the Knipser, twice in a row, I suspect a labelling issue in the warehouse. The Knipser has now been delivered and is superb and is only in its very early stages of maturity.

I subsequently put a case of Knipser in reserves and am now starting to worry I’ve got a case of Pataille.

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It’s unfortunate, I had planned to show the Knipser against a Volnay and NSG at around the same price level. I wouldn’t have a huge amount of experience with higher end German Spaetburgunder so was looking forward to trying. I am in the ROI and travel to NI to collect the wine, so it isn’t easy for me to re-order it as it is around a 3 hr round trip. Luckily we will be in Germany and Austria shortly, so I will try to pick up something at a similar level there where the range should be quite large.

Yes, that was me.
I had 5 orders shortfalls this year

Hi all, I’m sorry to hear about these shortfalls - just to remind you that our team are aware of these issues and are investigating!
@Thomas, the team did check your case and can confirm that you definitely do have the Knipser in your Reserves that you ordered, so please don’t worry!


Many thanks

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I’ve just had my Christmas order cancelled. Zephyr PN, the last case grappled for gifts, now found by the warehouse to be out of stock. Really p’d off.
There’s been several wines I wanted for Christmas which have sold out.
Then a wine which Was my first choice for gifts back in October was sold out to now return as part of the Christmas offer. I would not have ordered the zephyr if this had been available. Obviously this could solve my problem but I’m now just too p’d off.


Pretty gutted to receive this email today regarding the G B Burlotto Montvigliero:

“We are contacting you today regarding the single bottle of the above wine which was allocated to you in the Barolo 2017 En Primeur offer.

Unfortunately when the wine arrived with us we found that a few bottles had been damaged so we had to randomly choose orders to cancel.

We are sorry to say that the bottle has been cancelled from your order, we have raised a credit to your share for the cost of the bottle, 36.00, and a further 10.00 as an apology from us.”


It is widely available in the open market, so TWS should be able to source it for you. Would it not be insured for replacement value?


I wouldn’t want to insist on replacement at open market value if it is not insured, because I would not want to “punish” TWS for offering the wine at a reasonable price. Obviously if it was insured, I would be very happy if it could be sorted.


Just had the same - very sad though the credit is pretty reasonable

I wonder how many people lost out - and how unlucky I am!


Losing at the burlottery


I think I might know where the missing bottles have been hidden.


I spoke to member services, but looks like I’ll only be able to get the refund + £10. Never mind. Try again next year. The burlottery in Babylon gives with one hand and takes with the other.


I was tempted to (jokingly) remark that if this had been whisky you’d be called a flipper yesterday, but figured it might be a bit raw.

I think it would be fair if in addition to the refund + gesture you were guaranteed a win in the 2018 version. I don’t know if that’s what you were asking for, but it would seem both cost-free and (at least to me) equitable (and if the Society did this, 2017 doesn’t sound like such a bad year to miss out on).


I think I’ve missed whatever the whisky controversy was, but just to be clear, I said that I wasn’t asking for a market rate refund but wondered whether a) they could source another bottle, b) replace it with something else, or c) (optimistically) whether it was only partly damaged rather than smashed.

For what it’s worth the whisky was people auctioning off bottles (for very little more than the original price), but I hope it was clear that I was mostly posting with a proposal of something you could ask for (which would seem fair to me) rather than querying anything you’d done previously.

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