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Shortfall in your order

Has anyone received this type of email from customer service?
I got 2 this week alone. Im not here to moan but it’s ridiculous that wine that was readly available when I placed the order have now disappeared.
Clearly the system shows an item as available even when an order was placed against it.
This time im going to contact member services to cancel the whole order.
It’s the 4th time this year this happens to me


Sadly yes, I had a case of 2013 Musar not go into reserves as it sold out between me placing the order and the wine being picked for reserves, which I did find both quite ridiculous and very frustrating. Ah well, it’s only wine I guess… :disappointed_relieved:

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Yep, really winds me up when this happens.
It was my main request that I hope would get resolved with the new website. Looks like it hasn’t happened.
Eg, there’s 1000 bottles of product X and TWS cannot sell more than 1000. But it seems they often do which is very frustrating as you say.

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I had it once earlier in the year, I was told that it was a picking issue whereby someone either took the bottles from the wrong place meaning someone else got my wines or the wine was stored in the wrong place and they can’t find it and so the stock level on the website would’ve been wrong.

Very frustrating and really shouldn’t happen that often.

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2x time in the same week is beyond acceptable.
Member services email reads “

Unfortunately we have to contact you again regarding a further shortfall in your order, for 1 bottle of PW8551 Lagoalva de Cima Grande Reserva Alfrocheiro Tejo2017.

It’s beyond ridiculous
How can an item show as available when an order was accepted against that item?

Misleading information and/or behaviour?

I had the same issue a few months ago when a case of Barolo did not go into reserves.
I asked for an alternative to be provided but I was told nothing similar was available.
Very poor service.
That was the 2nd it happened to me this year. This week it happened again and again with 2 different orders

Maybe some bottles break and suddenly you no longer have the 1000 you thought you had sold.

I have had this a few times, annoying.

Not in any of 4 times I did not get the wine I ordered. In all occasions I got the excuse of stock discrepancy

Hmm, I was also told no suitable alternative was available which I did find a little strange as the 2014 had since come into the website…an email did sort it in that a case of 2014 was sent to reserves in place of the 2013, but I thought this did show a tad of a lack of initiative… Now sourcing 2013 from elsewhere to keep the vertical going!

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Absolutely! I should have been offered a better wine to make up for their error but that was never mentioned

It happened to me a few weeks ago, but as far as I remember it’s only happened once or twice before in twenty-odd years.

It’s hard to tell if it’s happening more often, or if those of us on this forum are just becoming more aware of it and other problems by virtue of the echo chamber we inhabit here.


Potentially, although you may want to have a word with your warehouse staff if it is happening on such a regular basis.
Also, if you break a case in the warehouse, it could be logged and your stock position reduced accordingly.

Presumably 1000 bottles are receipted in and 1000 bottles are paid to the wine supplier but these “stock discrepancies” seem to have happened to quite a few on this forum so does seem to be an issue and one I thought TWS could resolve fairly easily?

Anyone for a case of Gin instead of a mixed case of Felton Road?


It happens to me on almost every order. I usually pick a delivery date far in the future and by the time it comes to picking, popular wines (which since my order was placed) go out of stock. It’s incredibly frustrating and whatever is going on, the system appears to allow WS to sell the same bottles of wine to multiple buyers.

I had hoped the new system would resolve these “picking errors”/multiple simultaneous sales issues but it seems not.

It does make me quite concerned about what happens to wine put into reserves. If the level of errors I have experienced with delivery wine is any indicator, the WS better call the insurers. I wish there were a way to audit reserves to avoid finding out in 10 years’ time that the wine you’ve been patiently paying storage fees on is something far less desirable.


Try withdrawing 24 bottles from your Reserves stash, and 21 of them inexplicably disappear in the delivery process. :sob: :unamused: :dragon:


This issue appeared in the Community before, and the consensus was that ordering with a long delivery date was risky. Since then, for wines I plan to collect, I usually give a very short date (even if I am planning to wait until all the ones I want are in stock or a convenient time to go to Stevenage), and then change it once I have had the notice that they are ready for collection. For wines for delivery, it would be more of a hassle and harder to time, but you could consider the same strategy.

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Based upon a conversation that I had, recently, with a very nice lady, in Member Services, this and other mistakes with orders seem to be happening more often. She sounded very frustrated and suggested that there was little excuse, blaming it upon certain employees not paying sufficient attention to what they are doing. She indicated that more than adequate training is provided and appeared to be genuinely concerned that it was impacting upon the Society’s reputation. I was impressed with her obvious loyalty to the company and how much she clearly valued good customer service.


If this was to happen with wines I have in reserves I would never use TWS again.

I would hope TWS staff will see this thread and address this ridiculous level of service

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