Shipping personal wine

An acquaintance is relocating to Australia within the next few months and has a reasonable amount of wine which they would ideally like to take with them … roughly 200ish bottles . A discussion arose the other evening about whether they would have to pay import tax on this wine . I was of the understanding that once it’s been paid in the first place then they shouldn’t be charged but I could be incorrect! Also it’s for personal use so I’m not sure if there is a threshold on number of bottles for personal use etc… does anyone know what would happen if they ship their wine ??

There is a thread on this here Leah, but it would appear to be very expensive and taxes are involved, I know the case I get every year from Aus by air freight is not really worth it other than the wines are not available here, but sending to Aus is worse.

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Thanks @cerberus. But if its wine that is already owned and would be going in a container with other personal belongings can they add tax ? Some of their wine is infact Australian.

From all I have heard, @cerberus is right. You just have to grit your teeth, mix your metaphors and pay through the nose…

(My eldest daughter lives in Sydney and we were considering moving some stock there. No longer…)


Thank goodness its not me then…:joy:. I’ll tell him to drink up :laughing:

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Tell him that you know some people who are willing to put in some hard work helping out with that :+1:


Hi - other issue is the risk of the wine being ‘boiled’ whilst in the container. As it will be a personal effects shipment it could end up being in direct sunlight on the container ship. The container will reach very high temperatures - not good for the wine.

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I have been in this situation before and all the shippers that I dealt with would not allow bottles of wine in the container as additional duties (and paperwork) do apply.

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