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Sherry. So underrated

Discovered, or rediscovered, Sherry at Christmas. Coming back into the limelight. Have received a selection from the Wine Society…and now dry January is over!


Welcome to the club! Please don’t tell too many people, so we can keep the prices down.

Any particular favourites you’ve tried so far?

(We have a Sherry thread on the go here, if you’d like some more inspiration).

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Recently we have been drinking a lot more dry sherry, particularly with lobster soup, some cold cuts, canapes, and so on. One difficulty that we have encountered is in finding a good selection of half bottles.
Once sherry has been opened it has to be drunk there and then, none of the traditional pouring sherry into a decanter and leaving what is left for a month or two before palming it off on the vicar. It is possible that decanting may work for the very sweet varieties, perhaps others will kindly say.

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There are a lot of things people say about sherry (starts to deteriorate as soon as you bottle/open it) that just don’t match my experience. I wouldn’t advocate decanting and leaving for months of course, but oxidative sherries can often improve with a few days open in the fridge, and the finos and manzanillas are perfectly happy for at least 3-4 days in the fridge as far as I can tell. And bottles I’ve forgotten about and accidentally kept for a few years for the most part seem none the worse.


This has been my experience too. In fact, I happily keep bottles of Oloroso and Palo Cortado in the fridge for a week, sometimes even up to 10 days, without any noticeable detriment to the wines. To my mind, being already matured oxydatively - a bit more oxygen is hardly going to hurt. I do always keep them under their cork in the fridge, though.

Fino and Manzanilla seem to last 3-4 days, as you say, and then begin to fade flavour-wise. Except for the Fino Perdido the Society sells, which seems to be rather resilient.


And mine.


And mine. I’d also say that with the intensity you get from Sherry even at a low price point, it’s generally still a good drink when it starts to fade after a few days too long in the fridge.

Cracking open a half bottle of Solear Manzanilla and pouring it, is an olfactory joy - and that is before drinking it!
Please does anyone know of a merchant who stocks a particularly wide range of better sherry?
With many thanks.

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I sometimes buy from Decantalo - they have some Equipo Navazos. Uncorked also have that. Supermarkets can often have ridiculous bargains on Sherry.
Shop around, would be my advice. I’m sure you’re familiar with Wine-Searcher?

This might help? https://www.sherrynotes.com/2013/background/where-to-buy-sherry-shops-online/


Thank you JayKay, this helps a lot.

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Since Brexit Decantalo has become less appealing due to price rises. Gourmet Hunter (also based in Spain) has a wide range but they are not currently shipping to the UK.

In the UK nobody, in my experience, has a big range. Some merchants carry some bottles. There is plenty of PX - doubtless because it keeps for ever, much less fino. Prices can be significantly higher than Spanish equivalents.

The link to sherry notes is useful but I’d agree with his conclusion:

‘To cut a long story short: finding those really special sherries is often harder than it should be.’


Thank you very much.
Sadly you are probably right.
Finding really special sherries probably requires a trip to Spain which is now pretty much impossible.
Maybe in 2022 or '23.
Best wishes.

And even if you get there, say by car, the post-Brexit duty free rules limit what you can bring back undeclared - currently ‘fortified wine (for example port, sherry), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol - 9 litres’.

Iberian Drinks has two very good producers - Callejuela and Collantes - but they are expensive.

Alexander Hadleigh in Locks Heath have a very long list of sherries. Some of the usual suspects but also some amazing looking wines across the flavour spectrum


JayKay, Thank you for this very good link, it seems to tick most of the boxes, brilliant!

Thanks, good list.

I really enjoy a glass of fino or manzanilla and TWS sell some excellent examples. I’ve found that these days when I can drink less my £10 investment in a VacuVin from the society is brilliant - in the fridge these keep two weeks with (to my palette) no marked drop off in taste or aroma. Regards, Dave

The Whisky Exchange have an excellent range of sherries. They usually have a few that are hard to find elsewhere in the UK and carry quite a few half bottles. Prices are relatively competitive as well.