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Shaun’s Cellar Starters Case

After yesterday’s Burgundy EP successes I really shouldn’t be buying more wine…

I have spotted this case which has three wines I know and love (Batailley, Meerlust and Prüm). I was wondering if anyone has experience of any of the other three ( Château de Beauregard, Grand Beauregard Pouilly-Fuissé 2016, Barolo Coste di Rose, GD Vajra 2015 or Gigondas Les Racines, Domaine les Pallières 2015) and if it really is a cracker of a case.


Blimey. Cracker really is the word, isn’t it!

The Barolo is miles too young for my palate, but a similarly up there in terms of quality with the rest of them. I had the Beauregard in my first mixed case, it was a 2014 White Burgundy so difficult not to be mind blowing, but you could have easily passed it off as something much grander and I’d have believed you.

I’ve not had the Gigondas before, but if the rest of the case is anything to go by then it’s a great wine!


Many thanks Strawpig!

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I am really torn with the self inflicted wine ban (and two bottles that didn’t cost far off that as my EP haul!), and I have a case of the Meerlust vs oooooh! and “but it’s my birthday soon” fighting it out.


I sympathise and confess I have succumbed! It does look like a great birthday case to self :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (I have the Meerlust in reserves too, such a great value wine at £11.50)


Les Racines is a splendid wine based on the vintages I’ve been lucky enough to try (2007, 2010, 2012), and to my mind, represents good value too. I have a six pack of the 2015, bought EP, in reserves. Looking back, it came in at just over £20 duty and VAT paid but with the additional rental charge since it landed, £22.50 seems a very fair price

I haven’t tried the other wines you mentioned. However, Vajra’s cheaper Langhe varietals usually end up in my basket when offered. If you think it’s worth it, I’d have little doubt it won’t disappoint.

Thanks for the heads up on the Burgundy EP offer BTW. Duty and VAT are now due on a couple of cases of 2016 Barolo that have just landed in reserves too.

The same now applies here !

Edit - I’ve just seen you’ve succumbed to temptation :grinning:


That is a cracking case. I’d happily take 6 of each of those. Might have to sell the car, but who needs one at the moment anyway?


Wow, that’s certainly a great case, I am banning myself from purchasing more wine after my Rhone and Burgundy EP success.
But if I wasn’t…


This case could easily be alternatively titled “Christmas sorted”.


I’m in the same position as Leah unfortunately, but this seems to be an excellent selection:

  • great vintages for Mosel and Pauillac, and ultra-reliable producers
  • I’ve tasted two Beauregard PF’s, including the 2014 of the wine in this case, and both were very good. Jasper Morris likes the estate, too
  • I haven’t had that Vajra, but their Ravera 2015 is brilliant and already approachable
  • I haven’t tasted the Gigondas, although I do own some of the 2014 of that wine from another TWS mixed case