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Sharing cellars on Cellartracker - WIKI

I think if you have a fairly limited cellar, or you want to see how it works, then not paying initially isn’t unreasonable. I wouldn’t expect them to load a cellar on for me though! It’s fairly straightforward to do that yourself though, as nearly all the wines in my experience are already on the database.

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No. But it is such an excellent tool that I think they deserve say, $20/year. Well that’s what I give them anyway.


Just joined this thread (edited the wiki above to add my Cellartracker ID).

A question - Is there any way to bulk add ‘friends’ or does it have to be done one-by-one?

After probably 10 years of free-loading (and not really using Cellartracker properly - i.e. only updating when a biennial/triennial stocktake took place and recording many “missing, presumed drunk”), I have now subscribed and committed to keeping my cellar somewhat up to date.

Have updated for Wine Society reserves, and recent en primeur offers yet to be delivered. Still have to add the half of my in bond reserves that are held with BI Wine (who seem to only have an export to PDF function, rather than any more useful format - which is a shame).

Is beginning to suggest I now need to start buying fewer, better, wines.

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There are a number of tools out there to do the necessary conversion so long as the PDF is laid out in a reasonable table like format. In fact my version of Acrobat PDF reader has an option on the File menu to “Convert to Word, Excel or Powerpoint”. Maybe worth giving it a go!

I’ve taken my name off the wiki at the top of this thread purely because I don’t use CellarTracker any longer. I’ve found my own spreadsheet easier and more flexible and it’s too much effort to keep the details in two different places!


I am “Oenanthe” on there. I set it up quite a few years ago and then never looked at it again. As a result earlier this year I had to move the vast majority to “missing presumed drunk” and basically start again. It was a good lockdown project. Happy to share cellar with anyone from TWS interested, just message through. Prob around 800 bottles of which 95% are French!


After a bumper delivery of 24 bottles of German riesling, CT tells me that the Germans have now leapfrogged the Spanish into 3rd place in my cellar.

France and Italy still well out in front in first and second.


Just to say that I am gradually working out who is who on here and am working my way through the wiki above, there seem to be a lot more names on the list than community members I have come across in threads. But when I find a match that rings a bell I am then firing off a request in CT so anyone reading this may find a seemingly random request from “Oenanthe” pop up as I don’t think there is any functionality to say why you are sending that request!


You might find me there, but I’m not actually using CT any longer other than for reference, so my ‘cellar’ is meaninglessly out of date now.

The wiki thing is my starting point but I don’t think you are on it Mike

No I think I removed myself. One or two still seem to find me though! :rofl: I prefer my own spreadsheet now.