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Sharing cellars on Cellartracker - WIKI



Just re-created my cellar on CellarTracker, as dallardice. Third time I’ve done it, this time I intend to keep it up to date!


This all makes me feel better about having 200-odd bottles…


Just started to re do my Cellar Tracker listings, now that nearly all my cases of Bordeaux and a few others have gone for sale, also the “events” lady has had a few cases of assorted bottles so my list is going the right way for me much lighter.
The only case I changed to sell at the last moment was the 1995 Chave Hermitage, it fetches such a lot of money and is on the heavy side for me so I swapped it for the Clos de Papes 2009, but I was amazed at how much went for sale and I am only an amateur collector, the only one I really wanted to keep was the 2009 Pichon Baron, but time is not on my side.
I have never used Cellar Tracker but it made me get to grips with all those bits of paper that said I had x y and z with various warehouses, so I recommend if you have a lot of wine.


I just bumped this wiki so those new to the community are aware…


Thanks! Mr Laura is about to become a member in his own right (signing up to The Community, of course!) and also wants to start a Cellartracker so this topic will keep him amused/out of mischief for a few hours, I imagine.


is there a way to keep some kind of updated list of cellar tracker names easily accessible? otherwise people have to trawl through this whole thread unless i’m missing an easier way to do it?


Yes, go to the top of the page, I have been updating the intro post. The idea is people can edit that post (hence a WIKI), but did not really happen…


Hope you get a gold star badge for that. :star:


It would be nice (has this been mentioned already?) to be able to add our cellartracker usernames to our profile like we can with other social accounts. I notice that Instagram has been added since I joined so assume there is scope to add other fields? Also is it possible to rearrange the fields? Twitter appears at the top, and so that’s all people see if they click on a username in a thread. I’d rather have cellartracker at the top personally, it’s more wine related. @laura?


I’ve added my Cellartracker name to the first post.

Can I ask how many people use the Cellartracker app? Do you have any problems with it? I tried a couple of years ago but it kept crashing / freezing so I gave up on it. I use the Corkz app instead which links to Cellartracker and works fine.


I use it and don’t have any problems (so far). I’m on android.


Hi @tom

Thanks for a great suggestion! I’ve added a CellarTracker field now.

For anyone interested, you can add your CellarTracker username to your profile by going to ‘Preferences’ (the little gear icon you’ll see if you click your avatar in the top right of the screen) and then ‘Profile’ - you’ll find the CellarTracker field there.

I’ve also made it so it’s visible on your user card (so if someone clicks your username in a thread that’s the extra info they’ll see) like you suggested. I think some people would prefer Twitter still, so now you can have both visible if you like. :slight_smile: Hope that’s alright!


I use it. think it is great. Especially the ability to sort by region, drinking windows etc. plus the restaurant style wine list feature.

Never had any issues with it.


Ok, thanks. Good to know! Maybe I’ll reload it and try again!


Enhancement request from @tom with fastest delivery known to humankind from @laura has inspired me to get off my arse and get my wines onto cellertracker which I’ve been meaning to do for two years. I’m half done, with one more account to load in. I’ve added my name to my profile and the wiki (same as my username here).

Once I’m done maybe I can work out how to find everyone else. It feels very weird putting up the contents available for others to see, like a little too private. For the time being I’ve got the privacy settings set to allow other cellertracker users, so we’ll see.


Have now put my cellar of CellarTracker; painful but done! Then this morning I realised that although I was aware it was an American site (with $ not £) it hadn’t sunk in that all dates are in mm/dd/yyyy format and I’ve put all my purchased dates in incorrectly with some strange results as the site tried (unsuccessfully) to figure out what I meant so stuff I bought on say the 20th of the months has been transfigured into sometime in 2020!

Have now changed my preferences to English(British) which has got new dates sensible but still leaves all the existing ones messed up.

Now the OCD in me insists on going back and correcting them! :frowning:


That got me thinking, I hadn’t logged onto CT for a good 5+ years now, so went in today for a check.

User #44,049 signed up 04/01/2008, so Ricard is right about the growth rates. I also haven;t updated in years, have my own spreadsheet at home that keeps me amused for hours as it is!

I remembered my handle (Greybeard) and password first time (which is a little concerning security wise!!).


I confess I have ended up preferring my own spreadsheet and it’s too much bother to maintain both :frowning:


Indeed, my home spreadsheet has developed into something of a beast, but as long as I keep adding in each new wine as I buy it it’s a wealth of OCD information!


Oh wow, what a beast! Makes mine (which my wife teases me for) look positively maverick!!