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I love it. Great find, thank you.


My loading of my wines onto cellartracker is quite recent, as I needed to know exactly what I had in bond and at home and see it all in one hit.
All the cases of 6 and 12 are going for sale apart from around three for reasons I have given elsewhere.
But it still leaves a pretty good selection of odd bottles and smaller multiples.
All my Reisling will stay as it is an area that I have purchased from for nearly 45 years and there some good rarities there as I get a case from Aus sent every year by my old friend in Adelaide who gets the wines I send a list for.
I have put notes up for some wines the memorable or disappointing but generally I don’t keep notes as the good stuff is unlikely to return and if it was good I certainly remember it.
My cellartracker name is angelcyn for anyone who is interested.

There are no everyday wines on there.


I love reading your list, it is a very impressive collection indeed. I did note your most intriguing collection of German Riesling.


Soon to be seriously depleted !!! the reisling interest is because it is where I started in decent wines and I have never not had some good ones, still the finest white wine value quality wise in the world, but I am biased.
I had a Schloss Lieser 2010 Spatlese last weekend, I know TWS list this winery and so they should, it was as fresh as the day it was bottled georgeous stuff and very affordable.

The only area I have no bottles of is Burgundy, as I said before I spent serious money in the past and got my fingers burnt, it’s rather like having a couple of Alfa Romeos, and I have, that flatter and then fall apart, you don’t go back for more punishment however tempting the wine is.


The problem with red burgundy is its unpredictable ability to close down. Sometimes almost completely. I only mention it here as online forums are a really good way - potentially - of tapping into wisdom in this matter, so the community here may be a useful way of avoiding distress in this department.


I appreciate what you are saying but my experience with Burgundy is far to varied, I have had the odd great bottle but most with optimum ageing etc ie opening bottles from a case over a prolonged period, have been very disappointing, I know that I am not alone on this and by coincidence Andrew Jefford wrote a very good piece on the vagaries and his own disappointments in Decanter a couple of months back.
The enormous cost and no guarantee you will get what you pay is sadly not on and Burgundians have been milking “the never enough to go round” take it or leave it for years, and it has got worse, if you take something like DRC the wines now are rarely ever drunk they just go from auction to auction fetching ever higher prices.
Yes and despite my doom and gloom re Burgundy, the bottle I always remember for being sublime was a '66 Clos de Roi by a maker I have forgotten, that was sublime but very much a one off.
Luckily there are plenty of other wines so Burgundy is not really missed as such.

By coincidence Hugh Johnson has said much the same in his latest column, having supplied two “great” bottles of Burgundy to a dinner he was underwhelmed and one he described as having no right to be what it was from such a prestigous maker, and the saying he used in this context struck a chord, “there are no great wines only great bottles”.


I am newbie to Cellartracker having just uploaded most of the wines I think worth recording mostly to get the drinking windows. I found it fairly easy to add wines once I got going. The Store cell has defeated me. I assume it just contains US stores as I tried various variations on TWS and it didn’t seem to recognise any of them. My handle is the same as on here @jaykay. I haven’t looked at anyone else’s lists yet. Do let me know if my settings need tweaking to allow you to look if you are curious - which I hasten to add I don’t mind if you’re not. It isn’t a huge list.


You can create your own ‘store’ labels.


After finding Cellartracker I have to admit it served a very useful purpose in putting together my wine collection spread over several in bond sites and more than one home site.

I really had no idea as to much that I had especially those single bottles but persevering got the whole lot onto “paper”.

What it did show was that over the years collection overtook drinking and off loading the cases or the bulk of them was not easy but a necessary task, age health all come into the equation, you cannot keep collecting wine if there is little chance you will ever drink the stuff, having x y and z Chateau in bond maybe a good talking point but the time comes when you ask why after all my collection is tiny compared with some yet when the cases are sold as they now will be I am still left with around 450-500 bottles, this is all good stuff, do I do a Duke of Clarence and just drink it all non stop, not on for medical reasons, or simply of load as I can to an events organiser and restaurant owner who has said they will take any I want to offer.

The latter is the obvious answer as seriously I have been lucky enough to have drunk some great wines in my life and I still have some more for the next few years, but all that stock may have a point for younger collectors though I question that, but for me it has no validity, some of these wines do as my wife says become “pets” ie you love them for being there, but no more.

Cellartracker did me a favour in putting all that wine in front of me and asking the big question, do I need that much considering my current status, and the answer was an emphatic no, I wont miss it because I never had it other than on paper or in the cellar, bit late in life but time to get real, I am hardly going to go without.


Your cellar that is remaining is wonderful. I am sure to the envy of most on this site. You do strike a chord by saying one must live to enjoy their collection. I for one should really stop accumulating.


Every time I buy a bottle/case to lay down, I have a fleeting moment of worry that I won’t live to drink it. I’m thirty, so the chances are that I will, but it makes me wonder whether collecting wine makes you contemplate your own mortality more than most interests do!


Interesting point! I must confess that I’m still slightly baffled by the notion of collecting wine. It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to me. Of course, I understand the magical experience of drinking wine that has aged to reveal layers of flavours and complexity only hinted at when the wine was young. But that question of ‘mortality’ keeps niggling. Perhaps I just want to drink wine and enjoy its multifarious pleasures in the here and now… Or perhaps I’m fearful that my wine will age, but I may not. :thinking:


My cellar tracker ID is JM1978. A work in progress…


I’m 34 and don’t buy certain wines EP - very tannic northern Rhone specifically - because I don’t want to run the risk of them outlasting me. Assuming I get to 65 or 70 I may wish I had bought that case of 2015 La Geynale but in the meantime I will look forward to spending my late 30s and early 40s working my way through the lower, warmer slopes of the Ardeche that give up their secrets slightly sooner


I finally got round to adding my wines on cellartracker. Not sure why as I’m not very good at updating these things but perhaps the app will help. Also my preferred alias was taken by someone who doesn’t use the site :rage:

anyway my cellar is here, with some missing as I have a bunch at my parents’ house that I will try and add next time I’m there. I’m on as @thomasmpreston

Most of the wine is in Members’ reserves. I’m waiting for my parents to sell up and downsize - my dad promised he’s try and look for a house with a cellar but he also claims he’ll charge me rent in kind :thinking:


Hi @tom, just interested to exercise my nosy streak and clicked on your link to find a message that I do not have access, and the user has expressly forbidden access. Well, of course you might just have banned me, but I wondered if something was not quite as intended.


Huh. My settings are to give access to all registered users. Are you logged in? Or maybe I did the link wrong… Can you find it via my account?


I could see it. I look forward to hearing about the Angludet/Jaboulet/mont redon multi-vertical tasting evening the that is surely going to happen at some stage! Impressive stuff


Ah, I guess you have to be a registered Cellartracker user, which I’m not. Just clicked on the link from TWS site. Perhaps I should register on Cellartracker.

Yes, that works!


A Thalabert vertical tasting will definitely happen. I’m just waiting to pick up some 1990 :smiley: