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Sorry, I’m coming rather late to this topic! In the spirit of @robert_mcintosh’s post:

I am user #124,504 signed up 14/05/2010. Which suggests exponential growth between 2006 and 2010.

My username is: ricard

I haven’t updated my cellar on CT in years. I think it’s because I buy and consume so often (consume four times a week, buy once a month) that it’s just too much admin.

I do, however, write reviews (irregularly). I wish CT offered a scoring system other than the tiresome Parker points. I prefer the Society’s star rating. I’d even reduce it to three stars. Works for Michelin!

Having read the discussion between @Leah and @peterm I would also would like to reassure @Leah that it’s worth making the effort if you want to keep track of your wines - I simply cannot believe that 40% of your wines aren’t on CT, @Leah. I’ve found the strangest wines on there, and I think I’ve only had to enter an entirely new one maybe two or three times in seven years, out of hundreds and hundreds I’ve added to my cellar. And on other occasions, I’ve just had to add a new vintage, or correct a mis-classification. It is by far, the largest wine database on the planet. By far. This doesn’t mean that for all sorts of reasons, including the ones @robert_mcintosh so ably describes, it’s perfect. And it’s also maddeningly US-centric, but we can’t really change that.

Mostly I enjoy reading users’ reviews - some of them write very well (heavily influenced by Parker’s style) and some of them, especially Germans for some reason, write with real flair and passion.


Maybe if more UK wine lovers take part :slight_smile: - database reflects the wines users enter. There’s many more people in the US than here, but I’d reckon there are as many wine lovers here as is there are in US.

Certainly a lot of TWS members using Cellartracker from the amoiunt of TWS wines in the databse :slight_smile:


My Username is: Family Guy

I have only just started to build a cellar over the last couple of months but I will be updating regularly, most of the wines I have bought over the last few months I have drunk, I am still discovering which wines I like at this stage (haven’t had any I don’t like), I haven’t left any reviews yet as I am still a very novice novice if that makes sense, I haven’t developed a decent palate yet so I feel what I write would be nonsense as I haven’t figured out how to express my tastes into words, I hope this improves over time and will be able to join in with some discussions with the community.


One of the uses I have found for CellarTracker is to keep tabs on my purchasing habits. I’m resigned to a disparity between purchasing and consumption but I’m trying to use the app to curb my worst excesses.

In particular when combined with community drink dates it’s helped me realize what a weakness I’ve had over the years for Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier with a relatively short shelf life.

Dare I share my cellar so all can gasp in horror at the scale of my profiglacy???


A cellar shared …


All right. I’ll take the plunge…Username is Chatty Hunter.


I’ve just signed up to cellartracker, username tfpywfpy, mostly to see if there’s useful information I can get about the few wines I have worth storing. Given my modest cellar and the fact everything worth keeping is with TWS I’m not sure whether I’ll keep updating it, but it’ll at least provide some voyeuristic and vicarious pleasure seeing other people’s collections and reading their reviews!


I’ve decided to force myself to make notes in CellarTracker (never done before) - otherwise sharing is a fairly pointless vanity; the new challenge will be avoiding vanity in the notes…


Yes. Agreed. I will try to follow your lead and record more notes as well!


Thanks for sharing your cellar. I’m in a similar position. I find it very hard to put together meaningful tasting notes as my palate is ‘all over the place’. I keep reading the notes of others, to see if I can recognise the tastes and other impressions they describe.

I’ve been slowly working my way through the budget end of the WS catalogue. One day I might splash out on some fine wine, but first I’d need to be pretty sure it would be something I’d enjoy!


By all means continue your exploration and personal education, but don’t confuse enjoyment with the ability to express your personal gustatory pleasure in written form. You most certainly WOULD enjoy a great wine, whether you can write that down as a tasting note afterwards or not, so don’t let that be a reason not to reward yourself with some wonderful wines.

Go ahead and explore!


My member name is same as here - tonythepony
I do think it’s a great tracker for the money (I pay my $40 a year but I suppose it’s free if you want it to be). I find it is fairly focused on US buyers at the moment, which isn’t to say it’s just US wines - there is a bewildering array of top French stuff as well - but it does lack depth in other parts of the new world and less mainstream European countries.

As other posters have said though - the solution is to get involved and start contributing! I make a point of leaving a note for wines that have no comments yet whenever I can.


Mine is nsellen.

It’s not totally accurate and I don’t write notes for every wine but I do use CT for notes on my wines, to research potential purchases and as a record of approx drink dates.


Might just be in there but under a different grape name:

Ezerjó is also known under the synonyms Biella, Budai Feher, Budicsin, Budicsina, Cirfondli, Ezer Jo, Feher Bakator, Feher Budai, Feher Sajgo, Feher Szagos, Frank, Kerekes, Kolmreifer, Kolmreifler, Konreifler, Korpavai, Korponai, Korponoi, Matyok, Predobre, Refosco, Refosco Weiss, Romandi, Satoki, Scheinkern, Scheinkernweiss, Shaikern, Staloci, Szadocsina, Szadoki, Szatoki, Szatoky, Tausendfachgute, Tausendgerte, Tausendgut, Tausendgute, and Trummertraube.[2]


I am eRhoneous

Certainly there are some wines on there that I think are primarily held by other TWS members. The Julien Cecillon ‘Marguerites’ Crozes 2015 was on the Rhone 15 EP but no other UK merchant I’ve seen and only appears to retail in France and a couple of merchants in the US. There are 32 bottles listed on CT of the 4,000 made - none drunk yet - I wonder how many are in or en route to TWS reserves. Keen for someone to drink one and tell everyone else whether it lives up to the ‘Baby Hermitage’ billing.


I am auldalliance.

I decided in the end to load my wines on manually rather than download a spreadsheet. Didn’t take as long as I thought, as with one exception, the wines were all in the database anyway. I have still got a few odd ones to put on, and I didn’t bother putting everyday stuff on that will usually be drunk very soon.


Yes - the 1994 Weinert Malbec is another - I’m pretty sure all of the bottles logged on there are TWS members!


I’m winechief. Mostly Aussie, Rhone, south of France & South Africa (I think?) but bits from all over.
I keep it updated at all times (I’m a bit ocd when it comes to my vino and use the app to remove on either my phone or tablet, easy!)


I was just updating my cellar on the iPhone CellarTracker app having taken delivery of typically exciting TWS order (the Jurancon Sec, Pataille Bourgogne, Exhibition Limari Chardonnay, Vajra Nebbiolo etc) and spotted an option I hadn’t noticed before. In the Reports section, there’s a button for ‘Restaurant Style Wine List’ - it basically arranges your inventory by style, country, vintage etc into a printable doc. It’s geeky, and has no practical application whatsoever.

But I like it. :grinning: