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This topic was created based on interest - by @LarryBurgundy in the TWS member cellars topic - in discussing wines in our respective cellars as maintained in Cellartracker. This topic introduction is a Wiki , which means that all members can edit it. The idea is to put down your Cellartracker alias here so we can see each other’s cellars and perhaps discuss.

I suggest you set the relevant Cellartracker privacy settings to “Friends” and then add all, who sign up here as “Friends” so we all can see each other’s cellars.

Cellartracker aliases:

thirstforwine (for @robert_mcintosh)
Moany Rhoney
Family Guy
Chatty Hunter
eRhoneous @jcbl
thomasmpreston (@tom)

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What’s your Cellar Like?
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I no longer keep an active cellar listing, though this thread reminded me to go and check it out (embarassingly out of date, so won’t share it), but was amused to see that I am:

User #16,284 signed up 13/06/2006

(I note from the home page that currently: There are 504,600 members on CellarTracker)


Hi All
I stumbled (metaphorically- though I had been drinking some TWS Exhibition Riesling & Te Mata Merlot/Cabernet!) on this community last night.
Seems a great way to discuss the wines we enjoy and make new discoveries.
I’ve been building my cellar, mainly via TWS, over the past 6-7 years since becoming a member.


Welcome, I see you also went for the Weinert Tonel 111 Malbec 1994.

I just started building a cellar in 2015, some of it I class as investment, but there is also a lot of bottles for drinking these mainly from TWS.


My cellar tracker name is NXM. :wine_glass:


OK, after a weekend of seriously back-aching searching, I think I’ve updated by cellartracker inventory

Surprised by a few discoveries

No idea what you can see if you search my profile, but you can find me here:

ID: thirstforwine


As a man of a certain vintage, lovely to see some 1977 port in your collection.
Have you tasted the Gould Campbell before? Recommend it if so?


Not yet. It was a gift and I’ve not decided when to open it. It might have to be on a special birthday (not for a couple of years yet)


My CellarTracker ID is harding


@NeO_OeN I see you have a bottle of the Blind Spot Rutherglen Muscat, a great wine IMHO


Ah yes. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that style of wine. I drank my first bottle far too quickly - I just couldn’t leave it alone! I have now bought a second bottle, but I daren’t open that one. Maybe around Christmas?


I first bought it, because I wanted a half bottle with a screwcap… and then enjoyed it immensely. I think a sweet wine topic is in order.


Does anyone else have difficulty with CellarTracker?
It doesn’t recognise around 40% of the wine I have … I’m not sure I can be bothered to send them an email on every single bottle :weary:


Yes. It is frustrating when you have to ask for a new wine to be added.
Wouldn’t it be good if TWS staff added each of the wines in their catalogue to Cellar tracker, as a matter of course.


There is a good idea @robert_mcintosh


Excellent idea :+1:


If added in a thoughtful way (eg with links to TWS reviews, etc) it could become another channel for promoting TWS wines - and for growing the membership of the Society.


No, I added about 300 wines when I started and I had fewer than 10 I had to enter from scratch, and I collect very obscure wines.

I am very surprised that 40% of the wines you have aren’t already on CT. Mean you collect even more obscure varieties and locations than me.

But even so, there’s no need to email CT, you can enter wines yourself.

Best to base it on an existing wine, then edit that. Saves a tremendous amount of data entry. And all known appellations and grape varieties are already on the DB. If however you have some obscure variety or a new appellation then contact CT via their forum, link from CT home page and use the Wine Data Errors and Corrections section. The new appellation/variety should be added within 24 hours

The most common change to make is to add a new vintage to an existing wine, but thats not addinga new wine.

If you have difficulty you’ll find the CT community very helpful, use the Support section of the forum to ask, or I am willing to assist.

Alo don’t forget the help – do read http://support.cellartracker.com/article/19-adding-new-wines and there’s a video as well


As noted above, you don’t have to ask CT, you do it yourself. CTs database is created by users.

I would think that there are very few wines in TWS catalogue that aren’t already on the CT database, and I would not like TWS staff spending time entering data on the CT database. This would be a cost overhead that would not benefit non-users of CT, nor CT users who don’t buy those wines,and would be of negligible benefit to users of CT who did buy those wines.

After all, apart from TWS own labels, the wines are standards available in other markets and most likely on the DB.

Yesterday I added a new wine to the CT DB, it was the Exhibition Frog’s Leap Zinfandel.
All I did was take the standard entry for Frog’s Leap Zinfandel
and entered The Wine Society’s Exhibition
in the description field
and the correct vintage in the vintage field.
Job done in about 30 seconds
Then I took a photo of the front and back label (since no label photo is on TWS site) and uploaded them.


Yes but I’ve usually found the wine somewhere, maybe mis-entered/wrong vintage etc, but rarely had to start afresh.