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Sexism in the craft beer industry

(Taking my Community Manager hat off for this, posting my personal thoughts on an interesting debate rather than anything on behalf of TWS!)

The handball uniform issue made me very sad indeed, especially when I saw the women’s and men’s team side by side:

The fact that in the same week Paralympian Olivia Breen was told her briefs were ‘too short’ just shows that women’s bodies and clothing choices get policed both ways, and that’s what’s ultimately so frustrating. ‘Too revealing’, ‘too prudish’ - too often, women can’t win. :woman_shrugging:

This is strange too! I definitely think there should be equal flexibility for men and women with their uniforms.


That was an interesting day yesterday.
My post was taken down twice and put back up twice.
I must confess I did write it in a testing manner on purpose for 2 reasons.
Apart from email this is the only social media I get involved in, and I wanted to test the waters and see how much of a rabbit hole some of these threads are. Rabbit holes on the Web seem pretty dangerous things designed to convince folks with enquiring minds that there is only one way of looking at an arguement and are there not to discuss issues but rather dictate a certain point of view.
The second reason is also linked to the first as it led me to consider some of these threads as rabbit holes. This being the dire treatment and hammering the poor woman with the winingawaytheweekend blog got on a similar thread to this back in Oct last year.
I did have a look at the Living Doll book and read as far as the pole dancing section and realised it wasn’t going to be my bag. It would seem Barbie has an awful lot to answer for although she’d been around for 50 years already. Pole dancing did take off a few years ago as a workout media and so did belly dancing at the same time. A fun way of keeping fit compared to pounding the streets, cycling, spinning or aerobic fitness classes or pushing weights I’d have thought. My better half Flo loves dancing and puts on belly dancing shows for a friend that owns a bar on Palolem beach, South Goa to help bring the customers in. Sometimes she does get a bit raunchy but that’s what it’s all about, and the lady’s enjoy it just as much as the guys.
The book also made me realise the narrow escape the male gender had. Pink used to be a boys colour up until the victorian times.
Beach handball, which I guess is very similar to beach volleyball used to be played on beaches, hence bikinis got worn. But I can certainly see why this shouldn’t be mandated and considering the free spirit of beach culture you should be able to wear what you want.

This is exactly right, sad and frustrating to say the least.


I agree with this - but equally the Web is full of people with all the opinions and none of the understanding. I would say the hallmark of an enquiring mind is that it asks more questions than it proffers views, and listens carefully to the insight of those who have thought longer and harder about the issues, with a genuine intent to learn rather than cherry-pick points that bolster its own preconceptions. This doesn’t seem to happen much online, although this community is a rare exception, especially when it sticks to the topic that unites us!