Serving wine - decanting help

Hi all,

I have found that I am now in the position where some of my wines that I have been keeping are beginning to come into their drink window or are now ready for drinking.

I had a read of the below guide we have on some of the serving FAQs etc around decanting:

I am just wondering what everyone else usually does when decanting a wine - I have a few decanters but always seem to simply open the bottle say half an hour before serving and then let the wine evolve in the glass.

Just worried about if I were to put wine in a decanter for say 2 hours I would over decant a wine - you can always decant a wine but never undecant a wine.

Useful link! I sometimes consult this thread…

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Helpful post. I tend to decant for show usually, the wine looks rather fun in my duckanter:


I am assuming that is not your go to glass… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, it’s not my pic but that glass does look quite fun for a ‘bistro’ style wine :slight_smile:

Much to my wife’s chagrin I’ve bought into the vinum range and have 7 or 8 different styles taking up valuable space in the dresser :no_mouth:

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I think nearly all red benefits from decanting. Why not open a sample bottle, try right then, now decant it and try at intervals to see what length of time you prefer. I think you’ll see quite a difference.

It depends on the wine but also your preferences. Then next time you’ll at least have a reference point for further experimentation.


As Russ says, all winesd benefit from a degree of decanting. The amount of time depends greatly on the wine. I open a red about an hour before I intend to start drinking it. Nowadays, I only decant a wine if it is going to throw some sediment. I tend to be lazy nowadays unless I am showing off. Drying the decanters after use is a pain. If I think that it would benefit from decanting, I pour it into a jug and back into the bottle again. The effect is the same.

Love that duckanter, Tom.

Eider one glass or two?