Serving suggestion please

Dish turned out great

Plated individually as it’s just the two of us. No @robertd but was absolutely delicious. Would be very happy to serve to guests.


I shall endeavour to provide one. :smiley:

We’re just in Greece at the moment, though, and to be frank the recipe I have is likely to simply be one of the the things I googled a while ago under ‘Yoghurt flat-bread recipes’. There are literally dozens, and ISTR that it’s just equalish quantities of yoghurt and flour with a touch of salt, mix, roll out, then fry in a dry pan (if it’s a well-seasoned Lyonnaise pan).

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Ooh - looking at this, I’m coming around to the idea of potatoes…


Looks amazing :star_struck:

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That looks really yummy :yum: Potatoes look good, though I think flatbread sounds like it would be excellent too.

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Late to the party but I only tried cooking this dish last weekend. I served it with store-bought Greek flatbreads and it was delicious. My first time trying a WS recipe.


Always pasta with meatballs ere …