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Serving recommendations



I’d be grateful for recommendations on how to serve - temperature, decant/not decant (and for how long to decant it before drinking): 2010 St Emilion Grand Cru and a Condrieu 2015. Thank you.


For the Saint-Émilion I’d go for a long decant, it’s still young. 2 hours minimum and 4 would be better imo, with a good aggressive pour rather than gently transferring it into your decanter. If there’s lots of sediment then an aerating funnel with filter is handy. [Have a crafty sip as soon as you’ve decanted so you an idea of how it evolves for future reference].

Temperature is a bit subjective, I prefer mine slightly cooler, 16c if you’re using a thermometer or thereabouts. It’s easy to warm up in the glass by pouring a short "measure and swirling whilst holding the bowl, much more difficult to cool an overly warm wine once served.HTH


Agree with @Rowley_Birkin_II on the red. The Condrieu is fine poured out if the bottle, but not straight from the fridge. Temperature is a bit subjective with that wine, but too cold just mutes the flavour.


Thank you, that’s very helpful. The St Emilion is Chateau de Fonbel and the drinking window is 2015 - 2022. Do you think it’s too young to drink now?


2010 is an approachable vintage, so should be good now, agree with extended decanting.


As above it should be fine and a longish decant won’t hurt. I’ve been drinking the 2005 recently…

…and that has been ok on opening but improved with a couple of hours to breathe. It’s not a blockbuster wine so you’re on fairly safe ground, it won’t disappear because you give it some time out of the bottle.