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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



I have a touch of barnyard but in a good earthy sort of way.


I just love the idea of a drunken gateaux


Mrs CC: a bit of wet carpet too.


Yes! Enjoying this boozy cigarette-smoking compost tapenade Calpol gateau very much


Funny! I am really not getting any vanilla… :neutral_face: but I made a cheese cake today with lots of vanilla seeds in it - maybe I’m a bit blasé…!?


Lovely rich ruby — I can see tiny little bubbles forming round the rim, is that just my glass?!

Quite a punchy nose: dark cherry & bramble, blackcurrant, sweet leather, smoke, & alcohol!


Nose seems to have fallen off of ours a little bit. Decanted it earlier and thought ‘wow!’ Seems a bit subdued now. Still getting hints of cherry and tobacco but not jumping out of the glass


Well done. Making up for lost time Leah!


I’m getting toffee now.


The Mrs thinks it’s like drinking shiraz out of an ash tray


By golly! I think you’re onto something! :male_detective:


Blimey! Have we ever had such a complex, multi-faceted nose?!

I think we’d better have a taste - we could be here for some time! :smiley:


I wasn’t earlier but I’m now getting some spice coming through.


Definitely! Thank you!



Two 7’s for the VV from us!

On to the red…
We are getting an earthy note to the nose. Playdough!? and brambles.


I’m tasting spicy blackcurrant now


We agree! some clove or nutmeg or some other mulled wine type spice. More acidity than I was imagining - which is great, but lovely deep, ripe fruit too. Hmmmm :woozy_face:


Puts on best Brian Blessed voice and shouts: