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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



Ah, go on! Let’s pour, swirl and sniff the red - this is the ‘quirky’ side of Portuguese wine vs the ‘classic’ of the white, so it could be interesting!


Interesting, when I was decanting the red the nose was quite explosive but now it seems more subdued.


sweet vanilla scent …


Whoa… I can smell the alcohol on this baby


Black Forest Gatto!


maybe even marzipan?


Ooooh! we both went ‘Tobacco!!’… but Mr Tobacco went to dance with Mr Plum, and Mr black cherry was joining in too for a ménage a trois! This is a long way of saying FAB NOSE!! :heart_eyes:


Vanilla, blackberry, dark cherry and cedar.


Certainly some sweetness there


My first thought was tobacco


It’s rarely ever my first thought - but definitely in this case! :+1:


I get what you mean!!

It’s got this lovely sweet juicy berry followed by warm vanilla and almond. Me liiiiike. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mrs CC: a bit of gold flake there…


Smells a bit boozy as well.


A feisty fellow, this. Find the aroma fascinating - plums, mint, tobacco, Ribena, coffee, touch of road-after-rain kind of thing too?


The fruit is deep and luscious on the nose; the tobacco (and now some cedar, and clove/nutmeg thing going on) add a lovely dimension… we both love the nose! :+1::+1:


I can accept a little tobacco there but I have to hunt for it. As an ex smoker I might be a little deadened to that particular aroma.


Smells better than when we were tasting it via the work surface earlierthis evening!


Bit of a cough mixture for us, too. In a good way!


The nose is reminiscent of a drunken gateaux, with syruped cherries and blackberry coulis, there is some cedar and tobacco with a hint of vanilla and strangely enough some tapenade.