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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



Mrs CC says 8 or 9


That’s our average too :+1:


7 from me.


7.5/10 for me I could actually (shock horror) see myself buying more of this one!


I’m with @Sally - a solid 7 and a half


Wheat points from Southampton


It’s an 8 for us. We are VV fans and would order it again


Still waking up in sweat with questions in my head, even though WSET 3 is over!!!


Us too! And it’s actually exceeded my expectations too - I never thought Vinho Verde could be so good!


I did wonder if that was some wild leftover revision running around in the brain :laughing:


Mrs G is only giving 6. I thought she liked it more.


8 from me. Very quaffable and bottle nearly finished already


Better late than never…


You were right, Sir! :+1:


8,8,7 from us - muito bom


@Leah!! :smiley: Just in time for the red - or a couple of sips of the white!


Solid 7. Fresh, balanced, and very well made, but not quite making me guzzle in disbelief


Hop to it, we need more gifs!


Which I poured 3 hours ago :}


Can we sniff the red yet, Miss?.. :pleading_face: