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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



We drank this with chicken jalfrezi tonight - yes, I know (!), but it stood up to the spice really well - the acidity and fruitiness blended in, and the silkiness wrapped itself around the fresh (home-grown, I might add!) vegetables. Worked brilliantly.


Only if you want it to be!


Doesn’t it just! Must remember not to drink the whole bottle…


My oh my! :wink:


:yum: That’s a very classy match! Putting my boring old lentil cobbler to shame!

Plenty of lentil cobbler to go around…? :laughing:

:heart_eyes: My goodness, reading through all of your food matches is making me so hungry!!




Actually, I love Autumn in all its golden glory… just feels like we didn’t really have a ‘summer’ this year. Or not much of it, anyway. Windy as hell on top of our hill :tornado:


Am I right in thinking that 12%abv is above average for a Vinho Verde…?


You should have warned Mrs @Ewan earlier!! :open_mouth::joy:


In this kind of style, yes, upper end of things, but a warm year


Mrs CC: tried it with strong Welsh cheddar and vintage gouda and its good. But not so with ripe camembert.


We drink a lot of VV when we go to Madeira and it is usually more like 11%.


Yep! But I think 12% is the maximum the DO allows. Unless it’s made from 100% Alvarinho, in which case it can be higher.


TWS Deliveroo - now there’s a new business concept…


Shall we do a mark out of 10 before finishing the rest of the glass (bottle? :wink:) and pouring the red?


Now we’ve stopped eating I am picking up a slight spritz after all!


And it is very cheap. Some are 2 or 3 Euros


Good wine trivia! :+1:


8/10 for me! Ticks the VV boxes: fresh, but nice creamy texture, good acidity with lively fruit and goes down the gullet in no time. Tres bon!


we’re going for a 7.5