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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



We agree. Love it but not spritzy.


The spritzyness feels disguised by the acidity


maybe as a not quite sparkling hater(in fact I hardly drink anything with fizz) I’m a little more sensitive to small amounts.


^ This! It’s there, but nowhere near as overt as many


Has anyone here prepared dinner/nibbles to match? And what could you see being a good food/setting match for this?


This is a real summer quaffer. Is summer really over…? :disappointed_relieved:


Petillant, our word of the day


I have taken some convincing but I think there is a hint of fizz - more obvious straight from the bottle. Mrs G doesn’t agree.


This is for getting drowsy on the patio in the summer :sun_with_face:


Can’t be the cricket season is still on


We had smoked salmon on sourdough and it’s a great combination


It prickles on the tongue is a pleasing VV style, not as spritzy as most I’ve had


Never! We had 22° in Hertfordshire, i’m counting that as still summer!


We just finished our Veggie Katsu curry. Worked OK with the white, though not the pairing of the century, by any means. But the girl wanted Katsu, so… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ah Laura, we thought dinner was on you…


And the croquet season


Our usual fish dinner on a Thursday. Salmon baked in oven on a bed of kale from the garden. Goes ok but we are concentrating on the wine!


Mrs CC here: we had it with crab and crayfish ravioli earlier and it went well. Now trying with Red Leicester and that’s good too.


Well I’m a little surprised how well it’s going with my dinner; a tomato and cream basil sauce with pine nuts and grilled halloumi. Thought it might be too much for the white but okay for the red. But actually the white cuts through it really well.


We had it with Nasi Goreng for dinner and it stood up quite well