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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



Unique style of VV. Great nose and delivers on flavour too


I’m all ears, Mr Franklin! One day you shall be fully converted! :+1:


Half a SMUSHED grapefruit! I tried to supreme it with a blunt knife…


We’ve found another white wine that Mike likes?! :smiley:


Quite watery but fresh and slightly apply. Much less fruit than on the nose. Mrs G does not agree.


Maybe :wink: :blush:


I love the fact that it’s got a creamy texture - much more than many Vinho Verdes I like. It’s a very good marriage of two fab white grapes! :ok_hand:



Yep, grapefruit coming through loud and clear on the palate. Not what I smelt at all at first but there it is…!


I’m not a huge lover of any sparkling wine, but I find I do like that hint of fizz in this one.


Pale lemon. Fairly intense, white & orange flowers, sweet tangerine, white peaches, a bit saline.

Dry, high acid, more body than most VVs. Quite intense, lemon & orange citrus peaches, grapefruit bitter pithy hints & saline on the impressively long finish.

Like this a lot — definitely more interesting than a lot of VVs out there!


If o[quote=“Ewan, post:68, topic:5948, full:true”]


nly fruit were that simple! :joy:


I can’t find the fizz … maybe my bottle isn’t working?


Yes, on all counts. I love the texture! Goes down far too easily…!


It’s hardly there, especially if, like me, you’ve had it in the gloass for 20 mins!


No, I’m not getting the usual Vinho Verde spritz either…!


I get it more strongly if I just let it sit on the tongue.


Really nice example of VV in a warm year - there’s a roundness and creaminess on the palate you don’t get every vintage and it can sometimes come at the expense of the freshness that makes VV what it is, but this manages to balance it really well - the hint of spritz doesn’t stick out and it’s refreshing and fun to drink. Agree about the grapefruit and the length of the finish!


I’m not getting much of a usual VV ‘spritz’ either - but that’s OK, right? :wink:


More fruitiness as it’s warming.