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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



From the diversity of the fruits being mentioned by everyone else, I think this is more than fair! :smiley: I think it’s got a very multi-dimensional fruity character.


Perhaps a touch of pineapple.


Haha, oh go on!! :smiley:

Let’s all have a taste!


Now that it’s been mentioned, I’m getting the strawberry thing too.


The husband says ‘apple’, but I can’t quite get that. Much more stone fruit for me… :thinking:


Definitely getting that on the palate. Slight waxy character to it as well!


ooh, a bit of astringency … maybe grapefruit rind?


Perhaps those white alpine strawberries…


The multidimensional description makes sense to me. I can’t quite pin down what appears to be something quite complex.


This is loooovely! Starts with a peach, but ends on a grapefruit pith crescendo!


Yes but colour does it taste like…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stone fruit on the nose and attack, but then green apples on the finish, slightly unripe strawberry and a silky texture which is unusual for VV - a white pepper hint right at the end too. Delicious.


I do get a sort of green apple skin whiff!


Quite full for a VV. we are enjoying it very much. We like Albariño so maybe no surprise


The Mrs says Peach Schloer but in a good way.


Ha! ha! he “can’t work under pressure!” :smiley: But it’s ‘yellow’ :thinking:


Light, fresh and fruity! Very refreshing and easy to drink. I have to say I do like it… Are you listening @Inbar?


we’re also enjoying the albarino


As someone who had half a grapefruit for breakfast, I’d say you’ve nailed it!

Loving the fresh acidity here - along with the spritz, it’s just so refreshing!


And here’s a tasting note in gif format!