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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



We are off to Sicily for a week on Monday. Hoping to try some good Sicilian wines. Any recommendations


Two 8’s here. Quite charmed by it.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s a good 7 from me… which is a touch BELOW the white.


Seese from Southampton


In my glass right now, 6. Day 2 last time I was lucky enough to try it, 7.5. Fascinating stuff but a bit of a movable feast


Here you go…


Just wait till we get you on some Rhone whites in the Brighton tasting next month!!! :smiley:



Thanks will check it out. We have 3 nights in Siracusa and 4 near Ragusa.


@laura’s going to make us vote soon and I don’t know which I prefer :exploding_head:


Still don’t think I’m up for the sweet stuff but after this maybe some dry!


That’s right! One step at a time…! :wink:


I’m going 7 I think. I like it, and I’m so glad I tried it (and would drink it again), but I’m not blown away.

Okay, it’s been an interesting tasting of classic vs quirky! Let’s see if you have a favourite:

  • Alvarinho all day
  • Sousa-palooza!

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6.5 from me. Found it confusing more than anything. Flavour profile is great and the acidity is there to support it. Finish could be longer and the tannins seem to come and go, then come back again and stick around.


On @martin_brown’s advice I shall come back tomorrow evening, and maybe change my vote.


What he said…
Also, going to see what its like tomorrow as @martin_brown suggested, hoping for good things :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like a traitor, as I loved them both! But as they both got 8 from us, I always default to a White :flushed:


It’s a whitewash :sunglasses:


Well I gave it to the white. but you know what I’d rate them about equal. If you put a glass of each in front of me and said I could only have one I’d probably have a nervous breakdown.


We’re starting to have second thoughts about our vote.

It’s been quite a hot day, so the Vinho Verde seems more appealing now. But on a winter’s eve, the red wins. Hmmm.