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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



I can see this going very well with Brebis. Not something I see often over here.


when Queenie comes to visit…


Mrs CC: tried it with a couple of my usual cheeses (as before) and doesn’t really go with any of them. On the other hand a beef stew, like a good chilli (with choc as Inbar says) would be great.


didn’t think those plates had had shepherd’s pie on them! unless you’d both been licking the plate clean!


What we’ve got here is a winter wine and a summer wine side by side.

Which is fine because it’s autumn…!


Wishing I had a plate of chilli now! :yum:

Marks out of 10 for the red, guys? :slight_smile:


Spot on, as always, @Herbster!! :wink:


Yes this is a good winter warming wine.


7 from Mrs G. 8 from me.


I shall now go and open the white…


out of synch but evidence that there definitely was shepherds pie as well


I’d serve it with a nice warming casserole, any simple hearty stuff would be fine. This wine is what I’d call pleasingly rustic! Whilst not particularly complex or particularly long its something I’d always be happy to drink.

Venison is another thought (from my lifelong veggie partner) and I’d agree!

Not something I’d have bought without being prompted by this tasting , but this is right up my street!


Mr Johnson is refusing to play “Robert Parker” apparently! Well, from what I gathered it’s an 8 again! I can live with that! :smiley:


I’ll go 6. I think it would be good mulled.


Doesn’t go with the lentil cobbler. Kills all the fruit


There is a smoothness to this red even though it is so strong


5, 7, 7. good effort and value, just a tad out of balance


We think the nose brings it up to an 8.


a bit too sharp for me so it’s a 7 from here