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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



maybe that’s that barnyard earthiness I noticed. Obviously you were far more coherent about it than me.


Getting something as well. Feels like the tannins come first then everything else. This wine is backwards!!


Are we thinking this is a foodie wine? If so, what with?


definitely getting the 80% chocolate


If I didn’t I’d be sleeping right where I’m sitting now.


We both really like it! It’s perhaps not multi-layered, and the finish is not very long, but there is a lovely and ripe concentration of fruit, with a touch of spice and a very nice acidity that stops it from being a ‘fruit-bomb’. For the money, this is great value - wish we could have some stew with it tonight!


give me cheese


Mrs CC: totally get the ‘finish you get when you suck on 80% dark chocolate’. This is a great description.


Lovely finish to partially redeem the slightly deflating palate.


Yes that would fit. That was my initial thought then everyone was saying the tannins had taken the night off!


we’ve got slow roast mutton shepherds pie

which is also going very nicely


Yes very taken with the finish. Just have to have another mouthful to experience it again……………


Have you eaten it all…? :smile:


I’m on my way!


We are drinking it with a couple of cheeses we bought in France, a Tomme de Brebis and a 12m aged Comte. Goes better with the former. I think it was the combination with the cheese that meant we couldn’t detect any tannins. More acidic, drying after the cheese. It’s ok…


This has a lovely finish… I’m hoping for the same with the new Downton Abbey :sweat_smile:


“We had”, judging by the pic … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sounds like a great match, though.


Ooh yes! Maybe some hard cheese like mature cheddar or manchego - the wine would be like a fruity chutney :heart_eyes:


For me, this is made for rich stew… or some chilli con carne with dark chocolate in it…


well, I have to be able to work out my photos! that’s the remains of the smoked salmon …