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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



Tannins taken the night off. Easy drinker though.


Mrs CC: dark chocolate and cherry, mellifluous.


That’s my nightmare sorted out for tonight, then, Ewan!


Well…that’s my nightmares sorted


Very chewy tannins and a bit burnt tyre. Quite an interesting wine as the tasting note says. Super value and a great example of what we are now getting from Portugal atm


Mr S keeps insisting there’s a jam thing going on but he’s becoming less and less coherent as he waxes more and more lyrical about this


long spicy finish and definitely something earthy on the palate


Hmmm. The nose is a lot more exciting than the palate. Still nice and all, but…


Haha! Brilliant - and accurate - description. I think the palate has delivered on the nose, but with a tad less va-va-voom than I was expecting. Still bloomin’ lovely though, just not as ‘KAPOW’ or rich as I thought it might be.


Consider yourself lucky! Mine never started coherent… but I go with the jam thing, actually! Blackcurrant jam, perhaps…?


Think there is a nice funkyness on the palate lots of clove. Some grip to it and fresh acidity. Brambles and blueberries, maybe suggestion at work, but I think you can taste clay from the Amphorae…


Dry, lovely refreshing high acid, moderate tannins — fine grained — fairly full bodied — not OTT, though the alcohol does pack a punch!

Fairly intense & rich black forest fruit, smoked earth, a sort of burnt cinnamon & clove spiciness.

Not as complex on the palate as the nose suggests maybe? But enjoyable (& I think pretty good value).


That was something between the toes of one of the foot-treaders.


He sounds a lot like @MrLaura :wink:

I do get the jam thing though too - like @Inbar says, Blackcurrant? Kind of like the darkest of the jam tarts…?


I’m getting something really strong going on around the edges of my tongue as soon as I take a sip (mouthful) but I’m really not quite sure what it is.


That’s an interesting suggestion…! :face_with_monocle:


I think the palate might surprise some on day 2… if you have any left




Both sides…? Might be the acidity attacking your palate…?


This is quite interesting, on first sip I’m getting the very ripe black fruits, it then seems to give way to a rich fig like taste with a finish you get when you suck on 80percent dark chocolate.
It still has that earthy tomato leaf and tapenade thing going on … but subtly and in the back ground.