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September Tasting: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky



Yes we will be doing exactly that.




How strange - I’m seeing a uniform 79-21% in favour of the VV? Perhaps some flying flamingos in the plugin :speak_no_evil:


Another fun tasting! Lovely to share thoughts, sniffs and swills with you all! It’s always such great fun… and a chance to order wines we might not have ordered otherwise! :smiley:

Signing off from Brighton :wave:

I meant Swirls, not swills!!! Bloody auto-correct!!


Goodnight from Hertford, all - that was tons of fun as always :slight_smile: Thanks for getting involved and bringing such a wealth of fascinating opinions, reactions, food matches, puns, GIFs and all the rest. Looking forward to the next one (tomorrow?) already! Over and out for now


Goodnight all! :clinking_glasses:


Now that we’ve buggered up our units count for the weekend by drinking on our usual alcohol free day, we will repair to the sofa to negotiate a prorogation of the weekly unit count!


Goodnight from Dorset!


Thank you @laura, @Ewan and @martin_brown and everyone else so much fun. Sorry I missed the last one!


I usually have one glass a night. I think tonight was almost a week’s worth!


and goodnight from Edinburgh!


Oh and definitely a huge relief from what has been an appalling week workwise! Thank you!


We had a couple of glasses of this before we started…

…so we’re just going to fall asleep on the sofa now.

Night all x


I thought you were in the Hebrides?


I’m a research student at Heriot Watt so I have to show my face in the lowlands occasionally … I’ll be back on the West coast tomorrow


My dad was from Lewis - he met my mum in Edinburgh while she was at Heriot Watt.


Night two… ooh !You weren’t wrong @martin_brown, MUCH more integrated now … I would like to raise my score please adjudicator :yum::point_up:


Delighted to hear! Has anyone else found it perkier this evening?


I will be trying it again tomorrow evening :blush:


They’re both in etos and I had the VV last night, maybe the Alentejano tonight!