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Sensational Shiraz

Think a lot has already been covered but I would just add don’t discount the fact that in 5 years time you may really love aged XXXX (let’s use Pinot Noir as an example)
If in 2025, you realise that you love 2010/15 red Burgundy it could be a very expensive exercise in buying back vintages.

Also (just saying) really good Australian Shiraz ages magnificently (I’m talking about some of the £25+ stuff) and can provide far fewer disappointments than Northern Rhône and South Africa. :australia:


Can you offer any suggestions for producers to follow please? :australia: :+1: Thanks


For me…

Top end - Penfolds, Henschke, Clonakilla

Mid range - Shaw + Shaw, Best’s, Peter Lehmann, d’arenburg

Others - Turkey Flats is always reliable


Agreed, just really wish there was a bigger selection in that price bracket available from TWS .


You forgot Ben Glaetzer :joy::wink::wink:

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was waiting for you to add that :rofl: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Does he have a UK distributor at the moment? It used to be Great (Western) Wines but no longer. Glaetzer by a country mile makes the best Aussie shiraz we’ve ever had.

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It used to be Enotria who are the trade arm of Great Western. His wines are available from BBR now.

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@JamesF - can’t argue with that list.
In terms of straight up Shiraz, St Henri is great but has now moved to unaffordable for me. I really rate the Bin 150 Marananga Shiraz.
And Bin 389 is great too but a Cab/Shz blend.
Henschke & Clonakilla SV is too expensive for me as well but I have got some of Clonakilla’s Hilltops which has impressed me.

Your Mid Range is probably where I look for and have bought all of your suggestions. d’Arenberg Dead Arm can take an age to come round. I’m talking 20-25+ years for any tertiary notes to come through. Sometimes it feels like they could go on forever.

Got a soft spot for Peter Lehmann - Brother & Dad both work there so I kinda have to! And Google Maps tells me it is 1.2km from where I used to live.

I would add Hentley Farm, Jim Barry (McRae Wood is a belter), Samuel’s Gorge, Chapel Hill (The Vicar), John Duval, Spinifex, Jason Schwartz, Shingleback, Kangarilla Road (Blanch Point), Kay Bros, Marius, McWilliam’s, Tyrrell’s, Seppelt (St Peter’s), Thistledown, Tscharke, Yangarra, Grant Burge (Filsell).

@Leah - totally agree!
Currently 5 Aussie Shiraz’s on the TWS list at +£15 -
A Marg River, Mornington, a 12% Yarra Syrah, Magnum of Dead Arm and Grange…
By comparison, Northern Rhone has 42!

@Freddy - can we get some more Aussie Shiraz in that £15-30 price point?
Feel free to use my suggestions above.

There is a really cool new wave movement in South Africa which I absolutely love. There has been the same thing happen in Australia (see the swooning for Mac Forbes on the these pages as an example). But there is so much more undiscovered and it would be great to see some of the above mentioned get more regular listings. Proposed Chinese tariffs may help pricing on these shores also…


That’s really helpful - thanks. I’ve seen them on BBX but didn’t realise they stocked them more consistently.

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Excellent, I know this is probably a stupid question, but here goes anyway. If back vintages were to be bought, how far back is it reasonable to go i.e. would 2006 still be ok? , and what vintage would be the earliest that you could start drinking i.e. is 2012 ok now?


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Just wonder if we need an Aussie Shiraz thread, rather than taking this one off on a specific direction?

@Mentor can you help?


My bad sorry. I shall leave the building forthwith.

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Done, thanks


I used to be able to pick up Aussie Shiraz at good prices at auction, and you can still pick up mature wines, although like most things the prices have gone north.

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A few Aussie shiraz here:
As well as a few clarets direct from TWS storage!

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staff discount :wink:

St Henri - can’t agree more…mega bucks now

have had a couple of the others you mention…but need more examples to decide (puts credit card away!)

Australian shiraz, a real splitter of a topic for me. I come to rd wine via a love for the stuff. Now my tastes have changed. I like them still but often find them OTT, in alcohol and extract.
I went to one of those wine lunch organised on another forum last year, a lunch full of 15-16%, 98-100 point wines, most over 10 years old. Fantastic wines, but almost undrinkable together in that setting.
Now if they were young they would be even worse.
However, their are some, Henskhe for one, where balance is managed. Also there’s a new wave of more gentle wine being produced. So there much to take our interest.


why have you shown me such a website!?!?


Snap. In my early days went after Parker rated wines, but now not to my taste, although to be fair all were drunk far too young to be able to do them justice. Having said that I believe the trend now is for lighter styles.

Maybe worth looking again.

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