Send us your questions for the 2019 AGM

Being a co-operative means that we’re able to put our 190,000 active UK members at the heart of everything we do.

As ever, we love to hear your thoughts, and our yearly AGM is a great opportunity for members to ask questions to our Chairman, Committee and Executive Team.

All members have the opportunity to attend the AGM in person (for details of this year’s one on 13th June, see here) but you do not need to be there to ask questions.

This year, like in 2018, can use the AGM section of this Community to submit questions, which will also allow discussions among the wider membership.

Instructions on how to post your questions can be found below.

Please note:

  • We can’t guarantee all questions will be raised on the night, but we’ll ask as many as possible.
  • All questions will be passed to our Executive team, and even if they’re not asked on the night an appropriate member of staff will provide an answer here on The Community within a few weeks of the AGM taking place.
  • We will post a transcript of the AGM speech and Q&A here as soon as it’s available - usually within a few weeks of the AGM.
  • Any members that would like to follow up on any question, or add to the discussion, can simply add their replies to the topic.

To post your question you will need to have signed up to The Society’s Community. Once you are logged in, please post a question in this AGM category.


Once you have created your profile (if you aren’t already a member of The Community), click on the button to ‘Start a New Thread’

A box like this will appear in your browser.

  1. Include a summary of your question here which will act as the subject of your topic
  2. Make sure you select ‘AGM’ which is a sub-category of Membership
  3. Add as much detail as you like to the body of your message, as you would with an email or a conversation in the community. DO NOT include your share number or any personal information, we can find your details from your profile.
  4. Post ‘Create Topic’

Questions and discussions will continue in this section of the Community after the AGM until we are able to publish the draft Minutes of this AGM. Any other questions you may have can always be posted to other sections of the community, or raised via Member Services.