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Secret Beer Mission


Hey all,

On Thursday this week I’ll be taking part in a secret beer mission with a couple other members of staff which will take us up to the Northern Monk brewery in Leeds.

Unfortunately I cannot divulge the nature of the mission at present (apologies for all the mystery) but wanted to ask if there’s any questions you have that I could put to brewers, owners, brewery workers that I come across in my travels? Failing that I will be on a train with our beer buyer Freddy for a few hours and can pick his brain if there are any questions you would like him to field.


Hi Hugo

It’s a tip top place to visit (very local to my gym round the corner). Make sure you stay for food as well! Can you find out what crazy new special editions are on the cards?


Thanks very much for the tip, luckily we’re arriving just in time for lunch.

Will definitely have the ear to the ground for any exciting releases they might be doing. Loved a recent collab between them and Verdant, hopefully we will see them working together again.


Sorry if this is lowering the tone too much, but for us eager beer novices are you able to ask them about why they use the different types of hops they use? Do they pick certain ones for certain flavours/characters?

Very excited to discover more about this magical mystery tour… :spy:


Hey Laura,

Thanks, there are a load of different hops they use for flavours (more piney vs tropical fruit), structural elements such as bitterness etc. but I can definitely ask them for their take on it and the ones they mainly use.



Just found the below site with an infographic with the top hops and the flavour profile - I too am new to beer so I am looking into various beers and ales to find something I like as well:



So, back safe and sound having had a great time. First thing is that they are incredibly nice, enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a really good amount of experience.

In terms of upcoming collabs and projects it looks like the most imminent release would be with Verdant and Deya with some Cloudwater in the stars as well. These seem to be the guys they enjoy working with the most and can’t say it’s too surprising as these are some of the most hyped breweries on the scene at the moment doing some of the most exciting things. However there were a load of other places that they love (Burning Sky, The Kernel etc) and it was fun just to have some good ol’ beer chat.

They have just moved into new digs so just getting all up to speed which is their main focus retaining production and quality.

My full write up will be done before too long, but have to say that they have some great ideas and plans for the future that are so exciting, can’t wait to see what they bring out.