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Seasonal Mixed Case Challenge



Was reading the many excellent posts about food & wine for Christmas and the challenges being put to Emma for the next AMA and I had a thought for a small personal challenge.

To put together a case of 12 bottles for the days around Christmas (12 bottles might do 2-3 days maybe) but with no hesitation, repetition, or deviation.

The Just a Minute Case needs to have 12 bottles of wine without duplication of country (not just region!), grape variety or price, and still satisfy 4 adults for a ‘traditional’ Christmas (plus Christmas Eve & boxing day?)

What would you do?


For starters …
Spain - cava
Portugal - Port
France - Bordeaux (red)
Italy - Barolo
Germany - Gewurtz
USA - Chardonnay
Australia - Shiraz
New Zealand - Sauvignon bland
Argentina - Malbec
Canada - Riesling (ice wine)
Austria - Gruner
South Africa - Pinotage


Sauvignon bland - wondering if that’s a typo or an opinion?


Ha … I was just about to say the same :rofl:




Good idea !!

But I only buy France and Italy…:flushed:


That was the point. Let’s try and find some inspiration from elsewhere :slight_smile:

I’m still working on my list (I even managed to dream about it … scarily)




South Africa

Germany - 2016 Wachenheimer Altenburg Riesling Trocken, Burklin-Wolf (available 5th November)







Hungary - 2013 Tokaji Classic 5 Puttonyos Aszu (available 5th November)



*** adds @Bargainbob’s entire list to basket*** :joy:

Seriously, not sure I’ll be able to find a much more perfect list for my tastes than the above but I’m going to have a go and post mine later…


Here is my stab at this (hopefully a bit of something for everyone!)…


rooky error - two rieslings !



I was hoping to get away with it as one is an Eiswein so it’s pretty much a different wine (and I love riesling)!!!


In the spirit of “just a minute” as a new player to the game, will give you the benefit of the doubt

On a linked matter…Nicholas Parsons was 95 the other day!! The exact same birthdate as Murray Walker…what ever was in the water on that day was some good stuff!


Excellent list, but tripped up with a minor “hesitation” … I added “price” to the mix to be ULTRA sneaky and you have two wines at £28.00 (imagine that!!)


If we’re going to play strictly by the rules, and to avoid any claim of hesitation i’ll swiftly swap the eiswein for

and just seen that i failed the price repetition test too! Damn.


It is a tough game!! :wink:


Mine will no doubt fail on the ‘traditional’ front, but here goes…

UK - Pinot Gris

France - Gewurtz

Germany - Riesling

Chile- Chardonnay

Portugal - field blend

NZ - Pinot Noir

Argentina - Malbec

Switzerland - Cornalin

OZ - Shiraz

Austria- Blaufränkisch

Italy - Lambrusco

Spain - Sherry (Palomino)

A bit out there, I admit… :blush:


By “Traditional” I simply meant that they should be intended to complement a Roast Turkey (maybe Roast Goose) type meal with the usual trimmings - but the wine matches for that food could be up to you

Love the suggestions!


Ah, but I failed on the ‘price’ front!!! :grimacing:


Funny! I intended this only to stop it being full of “Members’ Favourites” at the lower end, but it is the higher end that is tripping us up here