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Searching for wines

Hi - is there an easy way to search for wines rather than having to filter through topics/regions/types etc? I’m sure there used to be a search option where I could simply enter the wine name of reference number but this option seems to have disappeared from the website. Well it has mine anyway. I want to make an order but don’t fancy trawling through loads of wines to find what I’m looking for.


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Definitely still got a search bar in the top right area of all pages for me.

Welcome @Brisey are you referring to the Society Website or Community.

There seems to be an issue with the search option not appearing on some iPhones since a recent iOS upgrade, it’s still there in the top right just not easy to see, if you click in the area it should be you can search.

If you are using a desktop it should be visible

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Ah thanks. Yes, I’m using iPhone so must have been impacted by the upgrade. I’ll try on laptop.

Appreciate the reply

Thanks for the response Mike. Appears it’s due to a recent upgrade and me using an iPhone


Ah, you could try the old “rotate it to landscape” trick. That sometimes gets things working on mobile phones!

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It is still there, it’s just a bit tricky to see the faint square - you should be able to click on it even if you can’t see it.

If you zoom into the attached photo, it’s just visible beneath the basket total.

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Don’t forget to remove that test order! Or maybe you’re going into the trade! :wink: :rofl:


Party at @Brocklehurstj after lockdown!


Only £17K, eh? At some point on Thursday I had £27K of Produttori alone.


I’m trying to give up buying. By having fewer things disappear from my basket, the idea is there will be fewer panic buys.

Yes, the plummeting value of my basket did induce heart palpitations and one small ‘finger slip’