Seafood paella wine matches

The unseasonal weather and our recent Spanish holiday prompted us to make a “mega” seafood paella this evening.

We are nonplussed with the current media frisson about paella recipes, “chorizo in or out?”. We always put it in.

For this dish Mrs Vinatallcosts discovered a fabulous picante chorizo from Navarra. Some fresh clams. mussels, squid, langoustines and whiting added to the usual suspects combined to make this a memorable dish. We matched with an old favourite

a sublime match.
This darling, which we were buying for c5Euros in Lisbon last October, was great for the paprika/fishy/spicy dunks with Herbie’s bread at the end

Better matches?


Sounds fantastic :+1:

I love Paella with Rosé. Cool and fresh - but with a nice 'bite '. I love this one:
But this one, too, made from the not so often seen Bobal grape:

And it is an incredible value for money! :+1:


Nice one Inbar - I’ll see if our local M&S stocks this and give it a spin next time we have paella :smiley: Though with the weather forecast that may be some time… :disappointed_relieved: