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Sauvignon Jaune

Anyone come across Sauvignon Jaune before?

I’ve just fallen hook, line and sinker for the sales patter and put an order in for 6 bottles of Galinot ‘Silex’, Sancerre, Domaine Gitton 2017.

Summarising some of the blurb, it’s made from Sauvignon Jaune (lit. “Sauvignon Yellow”) which is a native of Sancerre and a close cousin of Sauvignon Blanc with the same tension and minerality, but far richer and capable of incredible complexity. Drink now (decanted just before serving), or age it for 15 years+ to reveal something utterly magical.

The combination of a rich, complex white wine that can age got me. Plus the colour of the wine looks fantastic.

Having never heard of this little known grape before, has anyone here come across it?

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Oh interesting. Where from?

Savagnin is a grape variety used in the Jura to make Vin Juane, an oxidised straw coloured wine.
I haven’t checked any wine books but I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as Sauvignon Juane as a grape variety, Could it be that they are making a wine in the same style as a vin Juane??

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No Sauvignon Jaune listed in Robinson’s Wine Grapes. (Blanc, Gris/Rose, Rouge, Vert).

Online sellers of Galinot ‘Silex’ name the variety as Sauvignon Blanc

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I, too, never heard of Sauvignon Jaune; I googled it, and looks like it’s a synonym for SB. Interesting that it can also be spelled as Sauvignon Jeune - i.e. ‘young’…?

My Oz Clarke/Margaret Rand book says there are variations called Jaune, Noir, Rose or Gris and Violet according to the berry colour.

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The email offer said " **(Due to archaic labelling laws the wine still needs to be labelled Sauvignon Blanc to be called Sancerre, even though it is Sauvignon Jaune).*"

Maybe a local name, or local clone?

I could find no mention of Sauvignon Jaune in Robinson’s Wine Grapes or Oz Clarkes Grapes & Wines, but in Robinson’s earlier book Vine Grapes & Wine there is a reference.

Book says “It is , strictly speaking, necessary to give Sauvignon Blanc its full name for there is a veritable rainbow of other Sauvignon - Jaume , Noir, Rose, Rouge, Vert and Violet - of which only Jaume is identical” (page 120 1998 reprint) and on page 125 it shows Jaume as a synonym of Blanc

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