Sauternes are not Burgundy

As some of us discovered in May, some 2021 Bordeaux EP orders are listed as Burgundy. This has still not been corrected, and I am not impressed by the explanation (after more than 2 months):

“this is proving to be rather trickier to resolve than first thought and unfortunately a suitable fix for this has yet to be implemented”

Have any of the wrongly classified orders been fixed?

No my 2021 Sauternes are also still made from Chardonnay and Pinot in the east of France … it’s the most peculiar thing not to be able to fix!

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If it’s overly complex to fix, I’d rather they did something better with their time, to be honest. I’ve got orders for both and can easily tell which are which by the date on the order.

Plus, if correcting the campaign name means manipulating the order data and risking mistakes in the orders, I’d absolutely rather they left them alone. The wines in the orders themselves are correct, and surely that’s more important than the region on the top of the order.


The problem is that they do not seem on top of their web systems. Any problem with the online pages takes a long time to fix (or even to recognise). That is what causes concern.

I assume there is a mis-coding of some of the wines; this would not be difficult to change, and checking how it happened might prevent future errors.