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Saumur red advice sought


So I’ve just opened and decanted a bottle of La Sicadieres, Domaine des Vignes Biches 2017 (bought from Majestic) and despite it’s very young age there was a mass of sediment in the bottom of the bottle:

That’s about half of the sediment shaken out of the bottle after decanting. The other half is still in the bottle! Should this concern me? It’s Cabernet Franc and only a year old. I can’t find any info on the internet as to whether it’s maybe an unfined/filtered wine.

I’ve had a taste and it’s okay but currently a bit in your face; all tannin, acid and fruit but that’s sort of what I might have expected with a young wine and why I decanted.

I’d be grateful for any thoughts… :thinking:


That would be my suspicion. I believe that quite a number of producers in the Loire use minimal filtering, which I guess might result in some sediment - regardless of the wine’s age. Did you try to look on the producers’ own website?


Unfortunately my googling failed to find a website for the producer :frowning:

It will be interesting to see how clear it is once in the glass!


I see what you mean! :thinking:
I’m on a mission now…….! :female_detective:


The Producer appears to be VINIVAL which is a negociant who produces wines under several names.



Thanks, I missed that on the Hatchette site (I did look but my French is lousy!) but I still can’t find a website for them. Oh well I shall have to see how it drinks but I must say at first opening it was a bit of a brute! (Incidentally it’s a synthetic cork)

I think it must be unfiltered! But another concern (probably not critical with a synthetic cork) is that all that sediment was plastered evenly across the bottom of the bottle, which makes me wonder how long Majestic have had it stored upright! (it’s been laid on its side since I bought mid August)


These look like tartrate crystals, more common in white wine but can also happen in red. It wont affect the taste but if there are quite a few decant through a muslin cloth and that will do the trick.


was about to say the same - if they are firm to the initial touch and then disintegrate leaving l a sandy like deposit then I would say they were

best watch out for them in your Cheval Blanc too :wink:


Honestly… EVERY time :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:!


you too…I wrote to them suggesting cold stabilisation…


Yes once dried they did just crumble to a rough powder. It was the sheer quantity in such a young wine that surprised me. And no they didn’t seem to affect the taste. It was brute immediately after decanting but an hour later it had settled down to a much more balanced wine; the tannins and acidity still there but no longer in my face.