Sassicia 2009

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I have 12 bottles of Sassicia 2009 so I thought as I am over three score years and ten I might sell 6 and drink 6. I saw the prices on Wine Searcher was around £3600 dp. I rang three brokers and got an offer for my 6 bottles which was to be approx £1100. I have come to the conclusion that instead of selling 6 I am going to drink the lot.


Are you inviting us all to join you in drinking them?


You better get round to North London before it’s all gone.


That does sound like a low ball offer, even if they are assuming you have been storing them at home.

You may have luck on the Vinexchange part of the Wine Pages forum if you do decide you would like to sell (no connection other than I am also a member there)


Thank you.

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