Sassicaia for €14 a glass

A good friend has just returned from his annual holiday in Italy. At dinner in the hotel he heard the man at the next table persuading his partner that €14 a glass for Sassicaia was an really good bargain.

His partner thought to pay €14 for a glass of wine was a bit much, but agreed.

The sommelier had to explain that they didn’t sell Sassicaia by the glass and that the 14 on the wine menu referred to the vintage.

BTW I’ve had a glass of Sassicaia 2005. It was poured at a Tuscany Workshop presented by Sebastian Payne MW at TWS in Stevenage in 2016. At that time it retailed around £210 a bottle. It’s a ‘super Tuscan’ Bordeaux blend, and seemed bland after the exuberance of the Sangiovese based proper Tuscans.


I have the 2009 Sassicaia it’s amazing bought a case for my wifes 60th she thought I was mad but it has gone up in value.


There was a wine bar at the Mercanto Centrale in Florence that did Sassicaia by the glass, I can’t remember how much it was but as I would never have bought a whole bottle I’m glad I tried a glass of it. S’alright. I had some other very lovely wines there.