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Sardinia - producer recommendations


We have just booked for Sardinia in May - going to be staying in the south east and with young kids so winery visits unlikely - but can anyone point me to recent good experiences with Carinena, Cannonau and Vermentino producers that I could look out for? TWS carries one Sardinian Vermentino and no Cannonau at all currently, which I suspects reflects the large amount of indifferent wines made with 100+ hl/ha yields.

Cagliari, Sardinia

Not exactly recent but I would nevertheless recommend
Piero Mancini Vermentino, and
Argiolas Vermentino di Galluria as well their Cannonau. In fact probably any wine from Argiolas would be worth a try.


Agree on Argiolas the Turriga red is wonderful!


We were in Sardinia three years ago, but in the North East (the Emerald Coast and La Maddalena archipelago - stunning places!), so not familiar with the South East of the island. I would say, though, that for Vermentino it’s best to stick with Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, rather than Vermentino di Sardegna DOC. The wines from Gallura are much more complex, and have an almost Chabis-like minerality and a tell-tale bitterness on the finish.
There are many good cantinas, most making very good to excellent ones. We liked Cantina Tondini’s wines, as well as Cantina Sociale del Vermentino-Monti. Also liked Siddùra, which I think is family owned.
Less experience with Cannonau, although drank some very good examples; Argiolas already mentioned, but Cantina Trexenta is also very good.
Have a fabulous time! It’s a heavenly place… :heart_eyes:


Tuvaoes is maybe the best Vermentino. Capichera also make good wine, but at a higher price. But there is plenty of good stuff.

Not so familiar with recent developments in Cannonau as I haven’t been for years, but I know there are a couple of good new “natural-ish” producers - maybe someone else will have some names?

Barrua make gorgeous reds, largely from Carignano, and the second one (starts with an “m”) is almost as good as the top one.

In any case, my experience suggests that the Society’s lack of much choice reflects more on them than on quality in Sardinia!

Don’t know the south, but the north has probably the best beaches in Europe :slight_smile:


Btw, not sure if you read Decanter, but there’s a whole section on Sardinia, with some wine reviews, in this month’s ‘Italy 2019’ supplement.


Contini is another winery that has just been recommended to me by an Italian/French couple who holidayed in Sardinia few months ago.


Many thanks all - much to go on there and may try to source that Decanter article.


Can scan and send it to you, if you like…?


Contini make fascinating vernaccias, which age for decades. On the sherry side of things rather than table wine, but definitely worth a try (old bottles are often available, so deeply unfashionable is the wine).