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I’ve just bought some Sammarco from Vivino. It’s on special offer at the moment at £46.50 per bottle plus if you buy via going through the quidco website you get 8% cashback. That takes the price down to c £43 per bottle, which is a great price and far cheaper than you can find elsewhere.

FWIW, it scored very well with all major critics as well. Jereboams are selling it at just over £55 per bottle.

Link below if anyone is interested…


Did you try this yet, can I ask? I’ve been looking at it myself as an age-worthy 2015 for our boy’s birth-year, and it’s certainly very well-reviewed etc as you say; however, the proof of the pudding can only be in WS forum write-ups!

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@crocos No, i haven’t yet opened any of them, but I see it’s back on sale at the moment. I’ve had a previous vintage and I definitely think it’s an incredible super tuscan when you consider the price compared to the more illustrious names.

I have a further 15% discount code you can use here which makes it a no brainer purchase.

I’ve just seen that vivino also have the flagship D’alceo on offer. I’ve never had it and I’ve just put in an order for 3 bottles. With the sale price plus the 15% discount code plus the 6.4% cashback from quidco, it’s coming in at £75 per bottle. Not bad when Jereboams are selling it for £125 per bottle and Farr for £100 (but min purchase of 6 bottles).

It’s the 2016 vintage so won’t be ready to even think about opening for another 5 years plus.


Thanks for this. It’s certainly got excellent write-ups and sounds just my thing. Not one you’d want to be opening any time soon really though :~}

The flagship one sounds astonishing, but I’d get shot at dawn for that kind of wine-expenditure!

Yeah, not cheap but at 75 quid pretty decent value and i was restrained and only bought 3 bottles rather than 6 :wink: