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Sale of the Year?


This caught my eye, the late producer of Blade Runner among other things, Jerry Perenchio is having his wine collection sold by Sotheby’s, no Yellow Tail here !

the list makes for sumptous reading


and of course one always wonders about how many of these stellar wines he actually drank .


and how many of the bottles are from Rudi



I wonder … does anyone actually drink these wines?! Maybe they’re all terrible but no one dares open a bottle to find out :rofl:


This is why I buy wines EP for drinking rather than investment!


I doubt he was buying as investment… as @cgoldin mentioned in another thread, there is the third category of collector


I’ll be back later - just off to remortgage the house


:joy: So many. They still probably taste alright though.


Some of the Burgundy dates back to the 1940’s, it would be a mark of insanity to take a punt on them at that price!


Not a trait wine collectors lack.


In a mad world, is a madman mad, or sane?