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Sager and Wilde Cellar Sale


Sager and Wilde have increased their selling of their cellar to stay afloat, some excellent wines at excellent prices going here at the moment.


Looks pretty desperate!

Does rather, doesn’t it. I guess it’s a tough balancing act between having something to sell when they reopen and being able to reopen.

I believe a lot of these are also Michael Sager’s private stash rather than the cellar stocks from the bars/restaurants.


Only went to the bar once but really liked it. Had a great chat about all sorts with the guy behind the bar, he explained their approach to markup to me and seemed a good idea.

If this allows them to stay afloat then great news.


Some interesting stuff there.

I worry (not in this case) about the exposure of some small specialist wine merchants who sell principally to restaurants who will have been caught out by restaurants going into lockdown before settling their bills (which I suspect will still be unpaid). There may be a domino effect if restaurants go under.


Lots of interest, but very expensive, no?


I love the bar. Its a great place to discover new wines, but I agree looks not particularly desperate at the prices they are selling at.

Example https://www.winetrove.co.uk/shop/chateau-le-tertre-roteboeuf-1988/ £128 but at S&W its £138. Possibly I am not familiar enough with the wines to spot the reasonably priced ones.


Not sure that the prices are over retail. But running a list with that much depth and range is quite something. The inventory must be killing them at the moment.


Indeed, especially if bank financed or the like.

I think the steeper prices are on the bottles I might describe as the most fashionable, though I don’t mean that in any pejorative sense.


Pricing wise from my point of view, it’s reasonable as compared to walking into a shop in London to buy them. Most can probably be found elsewhere for cheaper with a bit of searching.

If they’re still there come payday, I am very tempted to treat myself to some of the Beaujolais and Jura at least. (when I say this mostly I want some of the Sophie-Anne Dubois Flurie).


What a list. I really feel for them at the moment!


I thought there were some very expensive (Rioja Alta Ardanza 2008 for £86? You can get that vintage for around £25) And others very reasonable (though not what I’d call a cheap bargain!).

One thing I noticed is that for such a varied list there’s remarkably little Bordeaux. Either they don’t like it or they’re trying to hang onto the Bordeaux.


I’d spotted that too. I know they’ve been selling their stocks less publicly for a while now, so maybe the Bordeaux has all been sold already?


There’s some incredibly rare/old Plageoles Vins de Voile on there too - and I suppose rarity comes at a price - but £78 seems a little steep (it’s quite good, but ISTR it being about £20 range in the region). And I’m pretty certain the Jardins de Babylone are at the very top end of pricing. Again, though, hardish to get hold of in singles.

I suppose, at the end of the day, they’re just trying to make some money at an incredibly frustrating time.


Did they ever have a lot of Bordeaux? I don’t think that’s the market they’re aiming for.

I’m trying to remember what he said about the markup when I was in the bar. I think it was fairly fixed in some way no matter what you bought. Perhaps just a fixed amount? Would make the cheapest bottles outrageous though! hmmm

This fits in with my experience of Sager and Wilde pretty well!

It’s not a very Bordeaux place, but it’s also not a very Burgundy place and there’s plenty of that on the list.

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Most (or some anyway) of the list is from Blast Vinters (at least for the french stuff), with the same prices and layout as on their website.
Not sure what the connection is, but I’ve enjoyed my wines from Blast in the past (no pun intended!).


Glad it’s not just me. +1 for Blast and I am contemplating a 2017/18 northern Rhône order from them currently. But the list is identical.

That’s interesting and possibly sheds light on one aspect of the Sager and Wilde sale; the use of the word ‘transit’.

On the Blast web site it says: “Please note some lines may still be in transit and not be immediately available.” But there is no such explanation on the S&W page. Also why would there be wines on the restaurant page that is, supposedly, selling wines from their cellar that are in ‘transit’? I suspect that the S&W list has more to do with them selling Blast wines on, probably, a commission basis. In other words using their customer base to increases Blast’s usual customer base.

This is, in my view, supported by the fact that they have two different pages. From their menu they have the ‘Cellar Raid’ link and also a ‘Shop’ link, followed by ‘Visit online bottle shop’ with a load of wines presented in a totally different format. If you add something from that page it goes into the cart at the top right of the page, if you add something from the Cellar Raid page it goes into a different cart, that cannot be accessed by that cart link in the top right. I suspect that Cellar Raid page is thinly disguised outlet page for Blast and little more.