Rugby World Cup 2023 - France

Time for a Rugby WC thread?

Who does everyone fancy? I can’t help but think it’s going to be SA’s year again. They were mightly impressive against the ABs in their final warm up and their style of rugby is so well suited to tournament play. I think Ireland to come up short again and exit in the semis. Clearly France are fancied given their squad, the best player in the world (Dupont) and the 16th man home crowd. Anyone else got a view?

Hard to see any of the home nations going beyond the Semis / Quarters.

I’ve got the 2nd half of this bottle and a Guinness or two in the fridge ready for the curtain raiser tonight, which should be EPIC!


Wash your mouth out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!


England and Wales not making it out of the group stages. I’m looking forward to the Scotland/South Africa game.

Ireland v France final.

I knew we were good friends :star_struck:



Heart says France. Head says South Africa. Not sure why New Zealand are being written off in so many quarters.

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Very good question. They’re at their most dangerous when written off too. We shall see how this evening goes!

Strange game, as both sides know they can afford to lose and will sail through to the knockouts.

I understand France were offered to open the tournament with an easy pass from their group but they opted for NZ. So presumably they want to make a statement of intent?

From what I hear from my kiwi friends, the All Blacks have been quietly preparing for this with a sense of satisfaction that everyone has already decided the French are going to win it. Everyone saying Beauden Barrett is past it seems laughable.

Edit: what a start. Case in point.


Statements made on both sides.

Great game and France looked very strong (but I am not willing to write off the All Blacks).

The Pumas are a cracking side at the moment (with plenty of players in the English Premiership right now), so it won’t be a walk in the park for England.

Ireland against Romania should be a romp.

I might watch Australia Georgia if I have time, as while they are clearly different class, Georgia do get better with every world cup. (And based on my knowledge of their weightlifting squat, they know how to build BIG people - although sometimes with a little help allegedly)

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“Thank goodness we weren’t playing the whole of Samoa”.

Wales in 30 degree heat against some pacific islanders. I am not confident! At least it’s "only’ Fiji this time.

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Good luck to Scotland and Wales for their matches today. Well done to Ireland and, er, England for their wins yesterday. I hear on the grapevine that England will start as a 14 for their next game and work down from there :wink: Seriously a mighty effort from England given the circumstances, though the Argentines must be kicking themselves.


Being a Welsh fan is never easy. Shattered after just watching that last 10 minutes :slight_smile:

I appreciate the neutral would have wanted Fiji there. Such a breathless knife edge game


Yep. Watched the last few minutes through my fingers :grimacing:


Fijians watched the ball through theirs I think!

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The Fijians have been a joy to watch.

England and Wales have been somewhat ponderous and pedestrian. However, the draw is opening up for them…

Still seem to be four teams in it. Huge game in Paris on Saturday…


The “Tier 2” teams are generally playing great rugby and are a joy to watch. Sure they lost to Wales, but I loved the way Portugal played. Uruguay were fantastic to watch too, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Japan.

Fiji beat Australia (and mumble mumble deserved to beat Wales mumble mumble) was just the icing on a cake built of a lot of enjoyable to watch rugby.


At boarding school I was awful at Rugby, I was so bad that I wasn’t even allowed to take the oranges on at half time…

I had a friend he came off the rugby pitch as clean as he went on lol

Well done Ireland. Great post victory scenes of the crowd and team singing the Cranberries there. A released tension and celebration


Agree, was a very good match too.

I really wish Portugal had managed a win against Georgia. That was a really fun match to watch too. I genuinely can’t call Wales/Australia, Everything I ever thought about Eddie Jones remains as true as it has done (I’d always wondered how much it was because he was England manager, but I have no problems with Steve Bothwick).