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Royal Wedding is on! Which wines to drink to celebrate?


I am not going to lie, and yes it is cheesy, but I am soooo excited about the royal wedding!

We already had the royal baby last month (who by the way has the same name as my son! How cool is that?!), and now we have the biggest event of the year in the British calendar tomorrow!!!

I get laughed at a lot about my unusual excitement for the event. I am not even British but I guess that is what makes fascinating it for me. We don’t have that in France (royalty is a long gone concept…!) and I definitely didn’t get in such a state for Mr Nicolas Sarkozy (then President of France) and Ms Carla Bruni’s wedding back in 2008.

There is something magic about the royals and I just love it!

So, alongside cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and jam (clotted cream first! That’s how the Queen does it. Cornish style), I think such an event deserves some proper celebration drinks!

Of course it should be an English bubbly! And with English Wine Week coming up very soon too (29th May to 2nd June), there is no better time to start sampling these excellent sparkling wines:

Nyetimber Brut Classic Cuvée NV from West Sussex is beautifully complex and elegant with lovely lemon pastry notes and the perfect companion to various canapés, from smoked salmon and dill crème fraiche blinis to goat’s cheese on black olive crostinis.

Hambledon Classic Cuvée NV from Hampshire, a touch richer than the Nyetimber with brioche notes and great finesse. Ideal with savoury scones or fluffy cheese gougères. Fabulous!

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2015 from Cornwall is bright and delicious with delicate strawberry and blossom notes and a fresh finish. Wonderful with a prawn or crab starter.

To make it fair to Ms Markle, I think a couple of American wines should also be added the list too!

Fess Parker Santa Barbara County Chardonnay 2016 from Southern California offers tremendous value for money in my opinion. It isn’t your big, sweet and over the top woody chardonnay. It has body yet finesse, with flavours of ripe citrus fruit, spice and a touch toasty and buttery oak which makes it incredibly balanced.

For a bid red, try Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2014. With plenty of dark fruits, sweet spice, coconut and some chocolate notes in the background, it is all what you would expect from a good zin and more!

So there you have it! Some really lovely wines to celebrate a fantastic event! It is history happening after all!

To the happy couple!

Wines to Shine In The Great British Summer 2018!
How are you celebrating with Harry and Meghan?

+100 for nyetimber and hambledon :heart_eyes:

I do hope you’re wearing half beefeater/cowboy (and girl!) attire!


I shall do my usual adventure into the wine list. Royal wedding or not.


Point of order, I’m pretty sure Cornish style is clotted cream on top (which is how I do it, regardless of Royal Preference).

I shall be tucking into the Hambledon on Sunday, my first taste of that wine. Love Nyetimber though!


Crumbs @mcropp, off to the Tower with you for your jam or cream first faux pas, and implicating Her Madge into the bargain.
The Cornish will be enraged at your suggestion that they have cream first then jam when the exact opposite is the case.
Here’s an article to put you straight pending your arrest for treason.


Having a bottle of that tonight.


Is it possible to merge these two threads @robert_mcintosh??


@Leah Although they’re similar, this is actually a blog post (just a coincidence we already had a similar topic, haha!) so I think it should stand on its own. :relaxed: Looks like we’ve really embraced Royal Wedding fever here on The Community! :smile:


No worries, I hadn’t realised… carry on :rofl:


Have a beer and watch the footy


Perhaps @mcropp could be spared by Royal pardon on such an occasion as tomorrow’s wedding? #sconegate


Celeb alert. Idris Elba and, I think, Oprah Winfrey just arrived at the chapel. Not that I’m glued to the TV or anything! Just getting ready to go to the gym and passing the time while Mr jaykay gets ready!


How are you doing @mcropp? Did that royal pardon come through for you :rofl::wink:


To @danchaq @JayKay @VinoVeritas
I am writing this from the Tower…
My sincere apologies…
Looks like my hanging has been postponed so I can watch the Royal Wedding as my last wish.
Might ask them for a glass of Camel Valley too actually… and scones with jam first!


I’m sure everything will be fine. Free pardons are traditional on special days like this☺️


Idris Elba! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am very much enjoying this wedding already. :grin:


Right back on It after a tiring 30’ on the treadmill. Went nice and quick as I parked myself in fro t of a screen showing the BBC coverage. So celebrity spotted my way through spotting the Clooneys, James Cordon, Serena Williams looking fab, and apparently the cast of Suits. I think I missed the arrival of the Princes :smirk:


They’re looking very handsome :wink:


Loved the look on the page boys face when the trumpets kicked in!


@Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis where are you, your man is on!