Rousseau 2015

In bottle scores from Neal Martin: 98 pts for the Chambertin and 97 points for the Clos St Jacques.

Seems for £1800 a bottle one doesn’t even get a 100 point wine anymore!

Price doesn’t always equal points, also, if all top wines got 100 points it would make it meaningless.

There was also a good chat in the below thread about wine points as well:

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I think it is now safe to assume I have not been allocated anything. That is £800 saved… :wink:

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More and more I’m relieved when this happens.

Do I really want it? or do I want it only because I can’t have it?


Yer not gettin off that easy, offer states notification end of November latest. Four days yet to go… :wink:


I might have spoken too soon…


Ah, just opened a letter saying I wasn’t allocated anything. I got a couple Donnhoff going spare if you want to trade :joy:


Looks like there is a single bottle of the 2008 Lavaux St Jacques available:

Not anymore (and it wasn’t me!)

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