Rousseau 2015

Heads up that these are available to order, but only by calling Member Services and these will be allocated.

Prices however range up to £1800 for the Chambertin grand Cru. And that’s a single bottle!!!

I hope there’ll be enough left on Saturday after I win the Euromillions.


Looks as though you can find them here through the search, but they do not have individual product pages:

Nothing coming up under that search… all ready gone ?

Looks like no longer showing up. This is a screenshot of the page as still had it open:

Owing to a few technical reasons earlier the products showed up online, below is a link to to more information from the fine wine hub on the wines and how to order as per the email/site. Due to very very low stocks of the wines its on an allocation basis:

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I tried adding 6 cases of the £1800/ case but I was politely declined🙁
At least I can continue living in my house instead :grinning:


So that’s why i couldn’t add any :rofl:…Seriously though, did anyone get an email about this ?? Just from an interest point of view ?

I didn’t get an email for this one. But at that price I think I’m quite glad! :wink:

I’m pleased to see that all the fuss over Chave seems to have been taken on board. The wines are priced better than the market but not ridiculously so and by allocating makes it fairer than the unholy scramble that very low pricing ensures (followed by the complaints of the unsuccessful). I much prefer the fact that the margin on this (which just from the higher price will be substantial on a per bottle basis) flows back to benefit the wider membership rather than going to the successful few. I can understand that those who might have been beneficiaries of what was effectively a windfall before might feel disgruntled at not having the chance again but I don’t really feel inclined to feel huge sympathy.


I didn’t get an email on this, but I’m also not sure how I would have qualified for one either.

Glad to see it posted on the Community though. In the end I put in for a bottle at the “bottom end.” On the off chance I’m successful I’ll be going veeerrryy light on the 2017 Burgundies!


I was thinking about doing the same. Which one did you go for? But then again, I’m not sure whether I should even try. Doesn’t the Rousseau fame rest on the top end? I mean, the bottom end of this offer is still about as pricy as a Roumier Bonnes Mares en primeur. Maybe that’s a better gamble next time around.

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Coincidentally received an email offer for a collection of the 2005s which included various tasting notes, including this drinking window for the 2005 Chambertain:

*As one might reasonably intuit from the description, this is nowhere near ready and I would not expect it to be for at least another 15 years and 20+ would not surprise me. A monument in the making. Drink 2030+"

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Geez! I can’t think that far ahead! I’m more of the ‘eat and drink for tomorrow we die’ school… :grimacing:


I think drink dates on these wines are rather optimistic.

Optimistic because hardly anybody’s actually going to drink them…


Can I ask how much the 2005 was offered for?

Eat and drink for otherwise tomorrow the ungrateful children get the Chambertin…


£7,731 inc. fees for a mixed selection consisting of:

1x Chambertain
1x Chambertain Clos de Beze
1x Gevrey Chambertain Clos st Jacques
1x Charmes Chambertain
2x Gevrey Chambertin Les Cazetiers

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If you can get it. Managed one bottle of 2010. None since.

Current price is scary!

I just got the offer e-mail. It is quite possible that it was triggered by the fact that I put in an order with Member Services 5 minutes ago.