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Roumier- the holy grail

I do not wish to offend anyone but I do believe in straight talking.
I follow Burgundy threads closely, have drunk one way and another many Burgundies over the years including Roumier.
Why do so many of you want his wines and seem prepared to spend money on other wines to bolster your chances of getting some?
I accept that he is a top maker, I also accept that he grasps terroir. But there are many others who are just as individual and can give fascination, joy and stimulation. When I buy Burgundy I get more excitement from discovering a grower that I have not tried before than spending a lot of cash on a trophy name.
I wish you well in your EP aspirations but if you don’t get your Roumier don’t despair. Go for Caroline Bellavoine. Go for Lechaneaut, go for someone you have not tried.
Burgundy is about difference. It is about nuance and discovery. It is about small artisan growers.
So I make this plea. Read about those you have never heard about. Buy their lesser wines you may just make a discovery.
A desire to make a new discovery is much more exciting than not touching the vinous equivalent of the holy grail.


Has your post been spurred on by the addition of this to the site? :crazy_face:


No not at all. I had not seen the entry that you have posted. It is spurred by the thought that the disappointment of what I don’t get is far outweighed by the original joy of what I will get by adventurous choice.

I suppose it depends how you see it. I completely agree the excitement is in trying something new, but having never tried Roumier there will be a lot of fun in one day giving it a go

Much as there will be when I finally try a Chave Hermitage, Grange, Opus One or many of the other wines that I can’t justify the spend on day to day

And indeed much as there was for me in trying more available wines for the first time like Ata Rangi, Jackie Blot, Monte Bello, O Leflaive, Cayron, Tim Adams, Jim Barry, Hortevie…

So I’m happy to have requested some and while I strongly suspect I won’t be successful, I won’t be disappointed as I’ll just try again next year if funds allow. Or the year after that

In the meantime I’ll also put in for more realistic choices and continue building a collection from the list - for as long as I’m still enjoying collecting :slight_smile:


straighter talk. call me cynical if you will.

I think it has nothing to do with Roumier.
I think It has everything to do with Gonon, Burlotto and the likes…

TWS gives you a chance at buying a trophy/speculative wine for far less than its “stupid” market price.

There will always be lots of people in for a(n expensive) bargain.


Andrew I got a mixed case of Burgundy EP from TWS - it was the 1993 vintage.
None left now but in my mixed case back then was 2 x Clos de la Roche from Dujac.
In the intervening 28 years this wine has gone from a mixed case to £400+ a bottle.
It seems to be a simple matter of supply and demand.

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