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Rosé season

@Leah @HBlackburn

To my shame, I used to be sniffy regarding Rose wines.
Then I tasted an Aussie from:

Charles Melton “Rose of Virginia”

It was lurid pink, tasted good by itself or with food.
Latterly, these two:

And eventually, I became a convert.
To my untutored “rose” palate, these two are highly recommendable. :dragon:


Both those are wonderful IMO, Taffy, especially the Pataille as a special occasional treat. I’ve got one left in the wine fridge, which I’m planning to sit on a while to see where it goes.

I personally also really rate the cheap & cheerful Umanu Rosé, Ile de Beauté, Vignerons Corsicans - a whole lot of lovely wine for the money IMO.


Drank the Tavel Mabey (2020) over three evenings - it packs a punch @ 14% - unmistakeable more-ish grenache notes, & I would certainly recommend providing it’s well chilled & you have separate iced water on hand for quenching your thirst.


It looks that way, and has a long drinking window to come - I’d normally want to try a bottle before splurging, but I wonder if this could be one of those ones that suddenly disappears, never to be seen again. I figure 12 of these for drinking over the next 5-6 years should a nice treat make.

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I was fortunate enough to get my mitts on a Tavel Libiamo Domaine Maby 2017 from the odds & sods in the fine wine room on a quick visit to the showroom last month - a very interesting one to drink and very nice too, albeit quite heavy & with a curious caramelly taste to it. I do love a rich rose though, so worked perfectly for me.

The Sylvain Pataille is very good as are these:
Rose de Xinomavro Thymiopolous 2019 - (thewinesociety.com)
Kedros Liatiko Rosé, Lyrarakis 2020 - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society

I’m on the fence with the Maby, some vintages I’ve had are well integrated whilst others seem to be overtly alcoholic which in turn over shadows the wine completely.


Yup, I’m a big fan of both of those ones too and have a case of the Thymiopolous 2019s sat in reserves to get some age on them, and a few here at home to check in on over the next few years. They should really develop well IMO. Xinomavro can make for some astonishing Rosés.

The Liatiko is very nice too, but more of a [delicious!] BBQ quaffer for me. I always make sure to have a few of them to hand in our wine fridge. Ditto the Liatiko red - a delicious chilled red wine for a BBQ that one too. Even with BBQd fish.

I’ve always loved Rosés and have never quite understood the slight disdain in which they can be held by some folk, I must confess.


Welcome to the club @Taffy-on-Tour, you’ve unlocked a new level of wine appreciation :wink:

Last night I was drinking a simple Provence rose, delicious…


and the 2007 of the same was something from another planet a few months ago


That’s good to know, I’ve got three sitting in reserves :heart_eyes:

Hey, familiar with the producer having enjoyed their Banyuls before. Obviously linking two different wine types could be a folly on my part but I have high hopes for it (it is in my next delivery).

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I still have a bottle that I’ve not cracked open yet , looking forward to it whenever Mr. Leah gets back :star_struck:!

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Pretty much my opinion as well. 14% combined with a heatwave !

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Just added these to an order for delivery on Saturday.

With some of these:

A good days work!! :rofl: :wink: :dragon:


I definitely need some of that Lyrarakis Liatiko Rosé. I’m not sure why I didn’t buy any when I put in my greek order, but I’ve been working through Lyrarakis wines from both TWS and elsewhere and every single one has been a cracker!


If the weather holds out I’m opening my first of 3 on Saturday! Can’t wait to try it

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Domaine de Triennes, Rosé, 2020 – The Sourcing Table

Just in case anyone is looking for some Triennes, this appears to be back in stock… :wink:
You’re welcome.


In case anyone is interested just spotted this on the website

Also available in Magnum and Jereboam


Ach cannot believe the Tempier Rose sold out already :frowning:

Actually 6 bottles just reappeared, with maximum of 6 per member (down from 12 first time around).

I bought 3, tempting though it was to take the whole lot.