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Road trip to Rioja and Ribera del Duero


Hi folks,

planning a trip to Spain this autumn, and would like to hear about experiences, bodegas, and places to stay. Initial thoughts are in and around Haro for Rioja, but again never been there so if we are barking up the wrong tree please do tell.
Additionally I know nada about Ribera del Duero.
Look forward to hearing from you all.


Hi @adbdorset (I was down you way just last week - Sturminster Newton to be precise!)

For RIoja, take a look at this thread, where @robert_mcintosh, a bit of a Rioja expert (understatement!), gives some handy hints.

Personally I would recommend Hotel Los Agustinos in Haro. If you get to Logroño, don’t miss El RIncon del Vino for eats and ridiculously reasonably priced aged Rioja. The restaurant and hotel at Bodegas Palacio im Laguardia, makers of The Society’s Rioja are also very good. But the area around the Barrio de la Estacion in Haro is of course a must, with Society suppliers La Rioja Alta, López de Heredia, Muga, RODA, CVNE and Gómez Cruzado all there.

For RIbera, I know very little, I’m afraid - I’ve only ever visited Perez Pascuas (very impressive) and never stayed, as we (buyer Pierre Mansour and I) visited it on our way from Rioja to Madrid airport.


Some of the wineries are very modern with stunning architecture.
We went to Ysios a few years ago just outside Haro which was amazing. The tasting room had fabulous views.

Cool off in the Town’s lido if you don’t mind wearing speedos and a swimming hat :joy:


I’ve never stayed there but this hotel is definitely on my wish list


Heck out this discussion


Don’t forget San Sebastian if you like good food and want a smaller place and the coast at hand.


I would strongly recommend a visit to Bodegas Puelles in Abalos just down the road from Haro. A little group of us have been buying their wines for the past 18 years. Jesus Puelles and his team are old friends. Crianza, Reserva are excellent depending what has recently been released. The young wines - red and white - are also stunning and very good value. We’ll be collecting our 2012 Reserva in a couple of months. This is the link to their website http://bodegaspuelles.com


Lopez de Heredia (Viña Tondonia) is a must for a tour. Contino is worth visiting as it’s a lovely location. If you want to see the ‘new’ face of Rioja - visit Artadi (who pulled themselves from the Rioja appalation a few years back. Very upmarket and different. All these require strict advanced bookings


Totally agree with San Sebastian, but they only have a long weekend and it would take to much out of the Rioja side of things if not all, Haro and probably around Laguardia all that could be fitted into that time span.
Haro for obvious reasons that so much is around the estacion area.


Yes time is tight we are pushing south to Córdoba, Mijas and Seville so need to get some driving in also.


Thank you will check this out


Thanks Ewan, looks like Haro for a couple of nights and then Penafiel in the Ribera del Duero…need to find some information but so far so good, I found this site over the weekend; http://www.rutadelvinoriberadelduero.es/en