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River Moselle?


The picture below is the River Moselle, shurely shume mishtak I hear you cry, but no

it is our own River Moselle seen here flowing through Tottenham cemetry on its way to join up with the river Lea in north London, when we were young it was known as Moselle Brook, and it may have been spelled slightly different, it got its name from its source in Mosse Hill, Muswell Hill.
Perhaps now with climate change we can start to plant the south facing slopes of Muswell Hill with Riesling vines, in the most part it would be an improvement, and start making wine, not so far fetched as the new Tottenham Hotspur football stadium has its own micro brewery ! where else in the UK are the Rhines, the Dordoignes the Loires or is there only the Moselle I think we should be told.


Presumably even THE Moselle is a stream that size if you go far enough up-river? At first that is what I thought I was looking at


I did a bit of digging and lo and behold not far north of Tottenham in Enfield is this vineyard, not known to me, spoof, but…


this one is, run by Capel Manor agricultural college Enfield.


Funnily enough we visited Forty Hall last weekend without any idea they had a vineyard. Picked up a bottle of the 2016 sparkling at the farm shop which we cracked earlier today - and it’s excellent stuff. Small volumes and probably quite hard to find, but would hold its own amongst some very fine British (and French) company.