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Rising Prices

Anybody who has not noticed price rises generally has not been out lately, this year we are going to be hit hard with energy costs tax hikes and council tax before we even get into goods from cars to food and everything else, that this is a world wide problem doesn’t ease the pain for many.
A first world problem is the price of a bottle of wine, several recent reports show ine for the same reasons plus shortages will rise this year.

Being the DM does not make this go away, Deanter did a piece on it in December, naturally ‘could’ rise by 20% is the classic get out of jail card if no rises happen, but will they.

I took the wife shopping this morning as she can no longer drive and perusing the wine shelves there were several wines that have jumped in price since Christmas, as with much else the CPI of 5.4% inflation is selective the 7.5% that is from the older method of RPI of valuating inflation is no longer the headline but probably should be.
We are no longer seeing 10p going on items but 50p a £1 on items of £5 and above was seen this morning and this is only the start of the year, does the WS have a view on this as they are not immune to that which affects all trades and goods, anybody who has had to buy items like timber in the last year have already had a rude shock.

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